Fiddling while the state’s economy burns

The honorables on Jones Street are in full campaign mode, engaging in some serious political theater.  We’ve got a record number of people out of work, and an obscenely high gasoline tax.  North Carolina has one of the worst business climates in the country, and a pile of regulations growing at an explosive rate.

Yet, Speaker Tom-with-an-H™ thinks contemporary taxpayers need to shell out big money to pay for the misdeeds of a bunch of Democrat politicos between 1929 and 1974.   A check for $50,000 per survivor for a potential pool of up to 2000 people.  In other words, a payout as much as $100 million.

I am not downplaying or defending state-mandated forced sterilization.  That’s a horrible piece of totalitarianism right out of the leftist playbook — something you’d likely see from Castro, Mao, or Stalin.   But how do you set a dollar figure on a person’s life?  How do you confirm that an applicant for this money was actually sterilized — or is the descendant of  someone sterilized — by this atrocious state policy?

I am opposed to this for the same reason I am opposed to reparations for the descendants of African slaves, interned Japanese-Americans, and displaced Native Americans.    THAT is all history that neither I nor most all of my contemporaries had ANYTHING  to do with.

 Once you open the money spigot, when do you shut it off?  I have ancestors who had property destroyed by the Union Army during The War Between The States.  Some of my ancestors were captured, injured or killed by Union Forces.  Does that entitle me to payments from the federal government?

Tom-with-an-H™ is pushing a resolution to this eugenics issue that is to the left of Mike Easley and Bev Perdue.  Easley offered up an apology.  Lame Duck Bev put together a “study.”

 Tom-with-an-H™ is trying to hand out a lot of our money.  These funds COULD be used to pay off some of that BILLIONS in debt we owe the federal government for unemployment benefits.

Why not take some — or all of this money — from the state Democrat Party treasury?  Those guys were the ones who orchestrated this horrible chapter in state history.  THEY were in charge.  (Just sayin’ …) 

I feel bad for these people who got victimized by those Democrats between 1929 and 1974.  However, THIS is not what we voted for in 2010.   Instead of dwelling on the past, we need to worry about the economic future of our state.