EVEN MORE STUFF Timmy and John Lentz won’t tell you …

If you count on The Pilot as your main source of news in Moore County, I truly feel sorry for you.  For the most part, the newsroom’s modus operandi has sunk to taking dictation from politicos with agendas.  You’re often getting a twisted version of the story to fit favored politicos’ agendas.

County government correspondent John Lentz is following in the footsteps of Florence Gilkeson — taking dictation and leaving readers completely confused.   Thanks to his poor reporting, I’ve been hearing so many people expressing their disbelief and confusion over some kind of alleged conspiracy involving Bojangles restaurants, commissioner Larry Caddell, some Carthage real estate, The Trilateral Commission, and a bunch of black helicopters. 

If you read OTHER news sources, you would know that Bojangles is in the midst of a major expansion.  In fact, they are now developing a new store in Lumberton.   Tell me, how do Mr. Caddell and Mr. Picerno fit into that Lumberton project? 

Eyewitnesses during county commissioner meetings have told us time and again about Lentz’s swooning over commissioner Tim Lea.  Lentz rarely talks to anyone other than Lea — and that is clearly borne out in his reporting.  Tim Lea has a well-known bone to pick with fellow commissioner Larry Caddell, former Carthage mayor and current board chairman, and Nick Picerno, who is up for reelection in November.  Lea and his active imagination dreamed up this fantasy about a grand Bojangles – Picerno-Caddell conspiracy, and his “useful idiot” got every detail into print over at Pravda-on Pennsylvania.   Lentz and Lea have succeeded in riling up some county veterans (for no apparent good reason), winning the county government some bad press,  ruining an economic development opportunity for Carthage, and bogging down the board of commissioners for over a month over a non-story fabricated within the depths of Timmy Lea’s imagination.

On August 21, Bojangles’ corporate offices got wind of this brouhaha. Bojangles’ chief counsel (read: LAWYER) and their realtor wrote letters to the county government putting in their two cents.  Caddell read the letters out loud at the August 21 meeting.  Lentz was in the audience.  Caddell offered him and other media reps copies.  Not a word appeared in the pages of The Pilot. And why should it?  These letters spoil Timmeh’s narrative and expose The Pilot newsroom’s foolishness for putting so much faith in Lea as a source.

Since The Pilot won’t publish the letters and share the truth with its readers, we are doing so HERE.   David Atkins, the realtor representing the restaurant chain, wrote to county manager Cary McSwain:

.   If that’s not enough for you, read the words of Bojangles attorney Eric Newman:

Hear that Timmy and John?   LIBELOUS.  That means a lawsuit will be a-comin’ if this nonsense keeps going forward.

(One more thing.  My county government mole wants everyone to know that EVERY TIME you see “Carolyn Mealing” quoted on this and any other matter related to county government, she is speaking FOR TIM LEA.  It’s kind of like Jay Carney’s relationship with Barack Obama.  Carolyn and Timmy, I’m told, are long-time, dear friends.)