Duke Power substation attacks in Florida tied to potheads.

Sadly, it is not a joke.

So many on the left around here are trying to tie the Moore County outage to church-going drag-queen-haters.  Intrepid reporters in Florida and the cops there have found at least eight “intrusions” at Duke Power substations that could be tied to a trio seeking to rob marijuana dispensaries. 

The plan was apparently to shut down the power, and then grab ALL the free weed they could.

Could this explain what happened HERE?  Could it have been something similar? Have all local potheads got solid alibis for the night the lights went out?

Also, some Antifa jugheads (definitely NOT Trump voters) have been arrested in Atlanta on “domestic terrorism” charges.  Not a single one looks like a Calvary Christian parishioner worried about a Southern Pines drag queen show.