A ‘national recall’ on WHOSE teeth ???


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Antifa.  The drive-by media and their liberal puppet-masters only want to talk about Trump supporters, Oath Keepers, and Proud Boys.  But Antifa is a special kind of evil.

 Antifa is a radical, radical, radical Marxist-anarchist terror group.  They have instigated daily riots in Portland, Oregon for years now.  They throw molotov cocktails at police. They set fire to federal buildings.  They were behind much of the nationwide violence on the news following George Floyd’s death.  Some of their folks JUST got arrested in Atlanta for ‘domestic terrorism.’  (The Proud Boys were actually formed as a vehicle to assist police and protect innocent people from Antifa’s mayhem.)

Now, we apparently have  their Colorado Springs chapter of Antifa issuing a “national recall” on “transphobe’s teeth.”  In case you didn’t know, “transphobe” is a leftist-created slur aimed at anyone who dare to criticize drag queens or trannies and their political agenda.

It’s funny (not ha-ha).  Lefties sound the alarm about potential violence when Calvary Christian parishioners show up outside a drag show to recite scripture.  Yet, the “recall” on “transphobe’s teeth” doesn’t seem to be causing ANY concern on that side of the aisle.

The FBI and CIA involvement with the old regime at Twitter and the on-going daily activities on school campuses demonstrate how far statists will go to silence critics of their agenda.  Yet, folks on our side are derided as authoritarian censors and violators of The First Amendment.  Criticize a church-going man or woman?  *Grrrrrrrrrreat!*  Criticize a tranny or run-of-the-mill Marxist?  (*The unemployment office is THAT way.   Hands on the wall, spread your legs.*)

It was that way in the old Soviet Union.  It’s still like that in Cuba and North Korea.  The leftist way is the ONLY way.  Now, it’s just about THAT WAY in the good ol’ US of A.