Drop-kick Mark Binker to the planet Krypton and I’ll create ONE GAJILLION JOBS!

Yessirree.  You read that right.  That’s one gajillion.  (Yes, Miz Leslie WILL have to remove her Doc Martens in order to count that high.)

Here’s North Carolina’s leading fake news / lefty propaganda outlet: 

Sources familiar with plans for a major economic development told WRAL News that a company plans to bring as many as 1,500 jobs to Wake County with salaries averaging more than $100,000.

The decision appears contingent on the repeal of House Bill 2, which could add pressure on lawmakers to compromise on a repeal. The company has not been identified publicly.

House Bill 2 requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birth gender and excludes gay and transgender people from discrimination protections.

Various sports leagues and businesses have moved events and jobs out of North Carolina because of the law. 

Members of the Wake County legislative delegation confirmed to WRAL News that they have been briefed on the potential jobs announcement.

There have been several attempts to repeal House Bill 2, but lawmakers have been
unble to reach a consensus.

First of all,  reading this makes me think of those crazy dares kids pitch to their friends.  “Throw this egg at THAT cop car and I’ll give you ONE DOLLAR.”   The kid does it and finds out (1) what a nightstick tastes like, and (2) that there really is no dollar to be had.

Reading this crap from the Goodmon News Network also lends comparisons to the old lady asking that gaggle of hens under the beauty parlor hair dryers if they heard who Betty Lou is snuggling up with while
 Jim Bob is at work. 

It’s gossip.  It’s crap — aimed at keeping the dream of boys and girls urinating and showering together at school alive.

If there is any truth to this, I’d sure like to know which company it is making this claim.  It’s clearly got the worst management team in the world.  What credible business makes strategic decisions based on stuff like this?   I wouldn’t invest a dime with them.  (Tin-foil hats are likely a required part of the corporate dress code.)

HB2 says boys and girls have to stay separate when going to the bathroom, changing clothes or showering WHILE IN SCHOOL.   It also says any thoughts about changing labor laws need to be brought to the legislature for a vote so things can be kept uniform from Murphy to Manteo.  It also says you can do whatever you want in your private business when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms.  

This business would not be restricted from throwing its restrooms or locker rooms wide open.  It ought to appreciate that labor laws governing their operations will not be willy-nilly different as you cross city or county lines.