Drivebys: Hurricane damage fault of Jones St. GOP

You gotta looooooove that “logic”:

North Carolina legislators voted in 2012 to ban the use of a report that showed the ocean could rise as much as 39 inches by 2100.

Now, with Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas, and thousands evacuating from the coast, that decision is once again making national headlines and drawing criticism from those who say state leaders who approved the bill were nearsighted.

Some are saying the 2012 law could mean more damage from storms like Florence.


The extreme green crowd was trying to set land-use policy in stone using a ONE HUNDRED YEAR forecast.  Said land-use policy affects how you can use your own property, how much it will cost to build on it, and how much to insure it, among other things.

It’s rare that a five-day forecast gets the weather right for DAY FIVE.  And we’re supposed to make big, important decisions based on something somebody with a nefarious political agenda says will happen ONE HUNDRED YEARS down the road, after we’re all dead and gone?

Opponents of the 2012 study were not trying to dismiss the concept of beach erosion.  Alternative points-of-view on sea-level rise and beach erosion were being tamped down and silenced.

They were looking for a more credible analysis of the situation.  It’s going to be hard to get that with socialist ideologues dominating the field of meteorology as well as environmental policy-making entities. 

3 thoughts on “Drivebys: Hurricane damage fault of Jones St. GOP

  1. No wonder the recent Gallup poll showed that 69% of American adults have lost trust in the media. They are pushing loony left “politically correct” gibberish as “fact”.

    The loony left Chicken Little crowd has been pushing a scare story of “rising sea levels” for some time, but it is not happening. In 2004, the UN warned that there would be 50 million “climate refugees” by 2010 but it turned out that there were none. They have long pointed to the Pacific island nations of Tuvalu and Kiribati as most endangered by rising sea levels. Facts are funny things however and do not prove out these nutty theories. A scientific study found that those very islands are growing not shrinking:

  2. McCrory appointed a wild eyed environmental extremist who had been one of the founders of the main enviro-left statewide organization in Arizona as head of NC’s Coastal Resources Commission, and he was the one who strongarmed imposing the radical environmentalist position on that “sea level rise” prediction.

    McCrory made lots of very bad appointments. This was just one of them. Those bad appointments are a good reason not to nominate McCrory for any office above dog catcher ever again.

    Never Again McCrory!

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