Does the NCGOPe really want new vote integrity laws?


That’s a good question.  Moore, Berger and their folks on Jones Street have sat quietly on their hands as The State Board of Elections made up their own rules and disregarded a lot of existing law.  The “conservative revolution” on Jones Street has done little to nothing to expose and / or throw a monkey-wrench into The Left’s election-stealing agenda.

Sure,  they have Hal Weatherman — former top aide to former, and highly disappointing, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest —  running around giving speeches.  Speech-making across the state is pretty much what he did during Forest’s two terms in office and his run for governor.  And we all saw how *well* those turned out.

Hal has some kind of group up and running promising to protect the vote.  But honestly, it looks more like a great cash-flow source for a guy that really, really needs a job.

Stuff is also happening — or not happening — in locations outside the Raleigh beltline.  Here’s a report from Brunswick County:

Is Brunswick County Republican Party Chairman Bill Moore just as hostile as the Far Left to America First Republicans when it comes to voter integrity?

Is the NC GOP really interested in tackling voter integrity?

There are more questions than answers in the Cape Fear region on the GOP’s election integrity stance.

Last week, Allison Dunlap (former Leland city council candidate) was interviewed by David K. Clements on The Professor’s Record podcast. Dunlap stated she was doxxed and intimidated by her own GOP party leadership for the voter integrity canvassing efforts she organized in recent weeks. She said liberal news outlets, as well as the County Republican chairman, Bill Moore, laid claims that she and her group were possibly involved in acts of voter intimidation and racist harassment after a WECT report in February.

In reference to a one-on-one conversation she had with Bill Moore, Dunlap stated Moore was dictatorial, that he made demands on her, “do what we want you to do, or you’re done… Just wait until you see what comes out next week.”

What came out was a hit piece published by Far Left leaning on the canvassing efforts organized by Dunlap.

According to WECT, a recent email sent by Chairman Moore to Brunswick County’s general Republican membership stated,

“The NBRC [North Brunswick Republican Club] leadership had scheduled their people and others to do door-to-door canvassing under the umbrella of another organization.

“These actions have caused the Republican Party to be attacked as being racist and trying to suppress voter turnout, though the Republican Party had no part in the planning or execution of the event.” […]

Wow.  Fearing the libs possibly calling you RAAAAAAAAAACIST.  Who else finds that, um, less-than-comforting right in front of a key election?