“Demonizing” teachers? *Riiiiiiiiight.*


As the election gets closer, leftists are unveiling their usual tried and true scare-the-hell-out-of-the-voters tactics:

A few days before thousands of North Carolina students go back to school amid a statewide teacher shortage, top North Carolina Democrats say state leaders need to stop “demonizing” public schools and make it easier to be an educator. House Democratic Leader Robert Reives told reporters during a news conference Thursday at the Legislative Building that state government needs to “make sure that public education is seen as a good, professional option for people coming out of school.” Aside from paying more and improving school funding as part of the long-running Leandro court case, Senate Democratic Leader Dan Blue said “we can do things to substantially improve the condition of being a teacher.”[…]

Like what?  Throw more money at it? With these people, there will NEVER be ENOUGH money in the school coffers.  NEVER.


[…] “You don’t put the bullseye on their back and organize people across the state to demonize them for what they are teaching in a basic education plan,” Blue said. “Should you demonize teachers because they’re teaching some aspect of civics, so the kids understand how their government is organized in elementary school? Should you demonize them because you’re trying to teach them rudimentary concepts of science, while they’re young?”

The “basic education plan” is and HAS BEEN the problem all along.  Leftists have inserted political ideology and indoctrination into every aspect of K-12 education.  The nonsense spouted by the radical green activists is infesting school science programs.  I have friends who tell me of their elementary school age kids coming home crying because they were told the Earth will soon die because their parents have been killing it.

Meanwhile, you ought to see what I encounter on college campuses. An awful lot of kids with high school diplomas can neither competently write a three-page essay nor tell you who George Washington or Paul Revere or Sam Adams or Lafayette were. People like that, who helped found our country, are being downplayed or “cancelled” altogether in favor of Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, The Obamas, or Cesar Chavez.


If you were a white male who lived in America prior to 1861, you are / were a racist.  The name of Francis Scott Key is being removed from monuments and buildings — because he was “racist.”  Lefties are even attempting to wipe out the name of George Washington from our history.  Because he was “racist.” 

The liberals’s “baby” — critical race theory (CRT) — hammers into the kids’s heads that white people have done little more than terrorize and oppress people of color and women. That’s destructive.  It’s false. It undermines attempts at peaceful coexistence.  The kids may not be able to read or write very well, nor understand what happened in the American Revolution, but they damn well will get their fair share of Maya Angelou.

This COULD be a great campaign issue for North Carolina Republicans. It’s not about censorship.  It’s about balance. and telling the truth.  It’s about creating an environment where kids can. search for their own answers, instead of being steered leftward by faculty and administration ideologues.

But the nominally-Republican cowards in leadership in Raleigh are too scared of ol’ Roy to stand up for parents and kids across the state.