DC group messing with Robeson absentee ballots has deep ties to nat’l. DEMs, Labor, and radical Left

The Voter Participation Project, which we learned was aggressively pushing absentee ballots on Robeson County voters a month before the congressional election, is looking less like an educational, public interest group and more like a political organ for the radical Left and national Democrats.

According to GuideStar:

The Voter Participation Center’s (VPC) mission is to bring more people into our democracy and ensure that those who are traditionally underrepresented are fully represented in national, state, and local elections as well as civic engagement and public policy debates. Increasing the number and diversity of Americans who believe and participate in the electoral process is the most effective way to produce a government that represents the values and voices of its people.

Specifically, VPC targets members of the Rising American Electorate (RAE) – unmarried women, people of color and millennials – for its groundbreaking voter registration, mobilization, and civic engagement programs. Currently, the RAE make up 56.7% of the voting-eligible population and are responsible for almost all of the U.S. population growth in recent years, but were only about 48% of the electorate in 2012 and 45% in 2014. The VPC is committed to registering and mobilizing these voters at levels that reflect their growing demographic strength and importance.[…]

Voter mobilization?  Sounds like a political campaign operation to me.

Guidestar says the VPC has gross receipts of $4,548,490 and assets valued at $1,203,167.

The VPC is required to file Form 990 — as all tax-exempt organizations are expected to do — with the IRS.

So, we checked to see what they had to say on their Form 990.  The most recent form publicly available was for 2016.   For 2016, VPC reported revenue of $14.3 million. A nice chunk of change for a “non-profit.”

The independent contractors they listed on their form were certainly interesting:

[…] Over the past decade, no other Democratic mail firm has:
– Won more tough statewide campaigns
– Beaten more Republican incumbents
– A better record of winning competitive primaries
– A stronger commitment to organized labor […] 

So, a tax-exempt non-profit does business with a self-described “Democratic mail firm” that boasts of beating more Republican incumbents than any other firm over the last decade. Interesting.

[…] To win campaigns you need a holistic campaign – one that thinks about you, the voters, the politics, and the context of the election. We are set up to do just that. Which is why we are more than just a mail firm. And we put our money where our mouth is. We have an in-house data analytics department, and we team up on campaigns so that you always have someone – and a diversity of people – available to help the campaign every single step of the way.[…] 

The slogan on their home page is “Strategy that moves you to Victory.”

So, a tax-exempt non-profit does regular business with a  group whose focus is “win[ning] campaigns.”  (I thought political organizations couldn’t have federal tax-exempt status.)

  • Catalist of Washington, DC.  According to their website, their clients include: Planned Parenthood, several major labor unions, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • The Dewey Square Group of Washington, DC.   According to their website, they have a good mix of political and corporate clients.  Interestingly, they can only seem to get hired by Democrat campaigns.

I think we can dispense with the notion that The Voter Participation Center was a wide-eyed innocent — seeking nothing more than helping poor folks get to the polls.

It’s a high-dollar coalition of forces aligned with the leftist ideologues seeking to take over Capitol Hill and depose President Trump.  And they were IN the Ninth District with their grubby fingers all over ballots that included the congressional race.