“Common-sense conservative,” eh?

*That sounds familiar. * (Masthead. *COUGH* Masthead.) 

Two young legislators – Ben Moss and Jon Hardister – are running for state labor commissioner.  THIS got posted on Twitter:

Interesting.  Ben Moss is not included in this newly-formed caucus.  (I DO see controversial out-going NC YR chairman Catherine Whiteford pulling a photo-bomb.) Moss counts as a young Republican. 

But Moss is already chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.  Apparently, Hardister needed a vehicle to make himself look like an actual conservative.

What I do find funny?  All of these knuckleheads —  Destin Hall, Kyle Hall, Allen Chesser, Jon Hardister, Jarrod Lowery, and Benton Sawrey — voted FOR MEDICAID EXPANSION.  (Jake Johnson was the only exception.) 

“Looking forward to a productive session passing commonsense conservative legislation,” Johnson tweets.

So, are we now being informed that voting FOR arguably the largest expansion of state government ever counts as “commonsense” and “conservative”?

Good luck with this, fellas.  I think you’re going to need it.