Charles Jeter to NCDOT ???

jeterThat is the smoking hot word on Jones Street last night and today.  The Republican House member from Mecklenburg  is at the center of talk about who will lead that massive bureaucracy for the rest of the McCrory era. As you all know, Tony Tata left abruptly and his deputy, Nick Tennyson, is filling in as acting secretary.

For what it’s worth, one of our moles did spot Gov. Pat stopping in for a private meeting in Jeter’s office at the legislative building the last time he was on Jones Street. 

Why Jeter?  A Jones Street source explains:

“Granted it would be a shocking move.  If you want somebody from the House, there are several other people who have been much more into transportation policy.  But the governor and Jeter have history.  Jeter has been a good soldier for the governor and for [Thom] Tillis.  He’s got a reputation for jumping out there and doing what he’s told, no questions asked.  Jeter owns a trucking company.  He’s from the governor’s neck of the woods, and he’s loyal.”

Jeter is also in a heavily Democrat district.  The Democrats have made no bones about doing what it takes to trim the margin in the House.  Jeter’s district looks like one of the easier pickups for their side.  Added my Jones Street source:

“The Democrats wouldn’t blink at spending one million dollars to take that seat.  They want it, and they will go to war for it.  They’ve pretty much said so.  Moving Jeter over to DOT would be a great way for Jeter to save face and keep soldiering on for the governor.”

2 thoughts on “Charles Jeter to NCDOT ???

  1. The problems with Charles Jeter are many. But let’s start with the fact that he owns a trucking company but has not opposed the toll lanes on I-77. Since trucks are prohibited from using the HOT lanes they will be stuck in the over-crowded general purpose lanes with all but about 6% of the traffic. Jeter knows this but refuses to take a stand. The next thing about Jeter that is important to know is that he has a talent for saying what people want to hear. Unfortunately what he says has no bearing on what he does or how he votes. He is NOT to be trusted.

  2. From Governor McCrory’s viewpoint Jeter is the logical choice. He follows orders, and he says what the rank and file voter wants to hear. From my brief encounters with him it is hard to tell where he stands…, he stands with Governor McCrory. He’ll likely be our next Secretary of Transportation where he will be guaranteed to be there for Pat McCrory.

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