CHA-CHING: Meck Co. revaluation mess means BIG payday for lawyers



We reported earlier on how Mecklenburg County government screwed up the 2011 property revaluation —  confiscating a whole lot more money than they should have from residents.  Local legislators stepped into the fray — cautioning residents that it may take TWO to THREE YEARS to start seeing refunds.

One unexpected development from all of this has been the county’s legal bills.  We obtained a July 30 email from Mecklenburg County assistant manager Dena Diorio expounding on this subject:

Subject:Legal Fees for the 2011 revaluation

We received a request from some Board members regarding the legal fees paid by the County to Ruff, Bond, Cobb, Wade & Bethune for matters related to the 2011 Revaluation. From January 1,2011 through June 30,2013 (30 months) legal fees for revaluation issues totaled $607,194.



Let me know if you have any additional questions


Dena Diorio

Assistant County Manager

Mecklenburg County

600 East 4th Street, 11th Floor

Charlotte, NC 28202

704-336-2228 (p)

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*Nice.*  So, we’ve got more than $600,000 in taxpayer dollars going to lawyers.  Let’s add that to what else we know:

Estimates peg the cost at $180,000 to identify and resolve flaws in countywide properties, outside the smaller 15-percent sample already tagged in the Pearson’s audit, with the process taking about three months to complete. Hiring an outside company to fix any properties found to be significantly overvalued or undervalued could take upwards of a year and cost between $1.5 million to $2.5 million.

OOOOO-KAY.  So now we’re up to about $3 million in cost — and we haven’t even gotten to the amounts that need to be paid back to taxpayers.