8 thoughts on “Catching a snake, but not a break.

  1. What’s wrong with his face? And what’s that on his shirt? NC needs a new Senator in 2020!

  2. NOT voting for him either…..thought he would be diff than Kay Hagan, that was a joke on me…

  3. How do we know that’s not one of those toy rubber snakes you see in the toy departments at dime stores? I wouldn’t put it past this guy.

    If that thing was so dangerous, WHY is it still a resident of his yard? He’s got a dog and a wife and a couple of kids, for petes sake.

    If it is real, it looks like one of those harmless black snakes that pretty much just want to be left alone (and aren’t poisonous).

  4. Takes a snake to know a snake. Do NC favor and do not bother to run as a Republican in 2020. It will be fine if you run as a Democrat but leave the GOP for someone who will represent the voters! Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us.

  5. Unfortunately the snake, the one smirking in the photo will be reelected with the help from his Swamp Thing friends.
    It’s sad but true. Somehow, someway this lizard eater will be again the senator from NC.
    That’s reality and to this NC resident and conservative voter this really sucks!!

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