Carolina Rising is McCrory’s “hitman” on senators

crlogoSince our story from yesterday, we’ve gotten all kinds of communication from Raleigh insiders pinning the push-polling against three key GOP senators on Carolina Rising, a 501-c(4) run by former AFP-NC boss (and recent reality TV star) Dallas Woodhouse.     Said one insider:

“Dallas has been sharing the poll questions and his strategy with key people around town for a while now. He made no bones about keeping his role secret in this.  He used to be a good conservative warrior.  Now, he’s a foot soldier for Pat McCrory.  If he’s in the middle of this, it’s because ol’ Pat and his people told him to do it.”

dallasThe PAC was originally set up to counter the anticipated drive-by bias against the new GOP regimes on Jones Street and Blount Street.  But it managed to get deeply involved with the Thom Tillis Senate campaign AND Karl Rove-associated operations in 2014. 

The interesting thing in this latest case? You have a PAC, funded by conservative donors looking to defend GOP gains in Raleigh, now attacking GOP incumbents in the legislature. 


3 thoughts on “Carolina Rising is McCrory’s “hitman” on senators

  1. AFP was supposed to be non-partisan in its original founding but leaned more towards conservatives. When I attended AFP meetings or we had speakers from AFP I never saw them endorse any candidates. Since our governor is really Democrat light there is no telling how persuasive a politician can be when no one is looking.

  2. Mr. Woodhouse thinks mighty highly of himself. He’s establishment all the way. A conservative would call out McCrory on several of his big government policies and leftist appointments. Bryson of AFP is a solid conservative, Woodhouse reminds me of Karl Rove.

  3. I thought McCrory was so busy trying to destroy the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy that he would not have had time for such nonsense as this. How much more of this idiot must we endure!!

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