Britain’s vote: Spirit of Tea Party, Trump movement spreads into The Old Country

brexit-flagThe ruling class establishment types are chattering away like nervous nellies over the British vote to leave the European Union. The vote was driven by a nationalist, populist movement arguably akin to the America First platform of Pat Buchanan and now Donald Trump. 

The European Union was established to reconfigure Europe into one big economic unit.  One currency, one set of laws and regulations.

Imagine an effort to unify Mexico (with its age of consent set at 12), the US and Canada (which just legalized human sexual relations with animals) into ONE economic entity.  That’s basically what you had with the EU.  (Things like NAFTA and TPP are just the tip of the iceberg.) 

The EU increased the cost of living. Stuff got more expensive. People were being subjected to regulations approved by folks who are not even citizens of their countries. National borders were basically wiped out, and immigration controls became practically non-existent.

Other right-leaning political movements in Europe are already being inspired by what happened in Britain.  People want to regain control of their economies and their national identities. f29e83c0-1ba4-11e6-afe8-af49ac0e29d1_1ecc3b12aea8e69c95ddf7d3da87b776

Europe has already seen and experienced what we’re heading toward here in America.  The UK is the first in Europe to slam on brakes and try to reverse the downward spiral. Britain’s big-government loving “Conservative” prime minister has resigned in the wake of the EU vote.  (He lobbied hard to keep the UK in.)

Here, in The New World, the flame appears to be flickering out. We’re mindlessly reelecting folks with an R next to their name — who run off to DC and Raleigh to cross the aisle, sing kumbayah with the other side, raise taxes, and bust the budget  the very minute the last vote is counted.

The message sent by the British vote — by the Trump movement here — is an important one.  The home country, its people, and its self-interests are the most important thing on the agenda. 

12 thoughts on “Britain’s vote: Spirit of Tea Party, Trump movement spreads into The Old Country

  1. I am a true Tarheel. I believe in the sovereignty of my State, and of these United States, and of every other nation. Being primarily of Scotch-Irish and English decent, I am very proud of Great Britain today for rejecting further subservience to the European Union, just as we need to reject further subservience to the United Nations. They gave “globalism” a good stiff punch in the nose, and it’s about time we did the same. We can start by electing a President who will stand up for us, rather than going around apologizing to those who want to attack and dominate us. America needs to return to our founding principles and tell those who don’t like it to go pound sand. We need to stop talking about “global” this and “global” that, and revive the word “international.”

  2. I was glad to see the British take back their country. They have really suffered due to the leftist policies of the EU. Hopefully we can do the same and reclaim our country from the same nefarious leftists that are trying to get their claws on our country.

  3. I whole heartedly concur, again, with the words of Larry Pittman. Being of the same descendantcy may explain this reoccurrance of agreement. BTW the Revolutionary War army was made up of 40% Scots—-Scotch Irish. This according to the pen of past Virgina Senator Jim Webb in his fantastic book BORN FIGHTING.

    Browny Douglas

    1. I understand that there is a movement online for Texit in Texas. Do you mean Caroexit? We tried that back in 1861 and it did not work out so well then. I am proud that my ancestors were part of it, anyway.

      The Brits did a great thing and should be congratulated. What they have done standing up for their freedom an democracy helps all of us.

      This film – BREXIT the movie – explains what was really at stake:

      1. Too bad we can’t try again. I think we could take the Yanks this time as they would not have the advantage of numbers and manufacturing this time.

  4. Step 1 for NC — vote out globalist Obama hack Richard Burr in November, who IS just as bad as — if not worse — than any Democrat in his duplicity.

    Step 2 — find a strong, articulate, conservative, pro USA candidate to run against equally disgraceful Tillis NOW.

    Never forget that these two idiots gave us Loretta Lynch.

    Where is Jim Duncan?…..

  5. The BRexit movement in the UK long predates Trump. Nigel Farage was on the scene there long before Trump was here, and indeed Farage has been a speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference here in the US. In the last election for UK members of the EU Parliament, early last year, Farage’s United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was top votegetter nationally and pushed Cameron’s Conservative Party into third place for the first time in its history. UKIP also made a strong showing in last year’s local elections throughout the UK.

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