Breaking News: The N&O also sucks!

It seems like an awful lot of “political reporting” at WRAL and McClatchy involves lurking around Republican social media pages and “reporting” when you or one of your colleagues gets butthurt.  Colon Campbell, bathroom expert and editor extraordinaire of an exorbitantly-priced email newsletter,  and WRAL’s Travis Fain have mastered this technique well.  The N&O’s Dawn Vaughan is apparently demonstrating that she can troll Republicans online just as well as the boys can.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is still the target of so much of the drive-by butthurt.   Here’s Dawn’s screaming headline:

NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson mocks attack that sent Pelosi’s husband to hospital

Really,  is that REALLY what he did?  Let’s read more from Ms. Dawn — er, Vaughan:

The role of a lieutenant governor in North Carolina doesn’t come with a lot of power compared to other states, but it does come with attention. Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson garnered more on Monday by sharing a Spirit Halloween costume meme that makes fun of the assault of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Robinson is expected to seek the Republican nomination in the 2024 North Carolina governor’s race and has made headlines for his anti-LGBTQ comments, support for a bill that regulates how race is taught in schools, and campaign to ban some books from school libraries. He also frequently speaks at Trump rallies.

Oh, the horror.

Paul Pelosi, 82, husband of the Democratic speaker, was allegedly assaulted at the couple’s San Francisco home last week by a man who has been arrested on several state and federal charges, including attempted murder and attempted kidnapping of a U.S. official because of their duties, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday. According to a federal complaint, David DePape, 42, is accused of breaking into the Pelosi home with zip ties, tape and rope in a backpack, AP reported, and going upstairs to the sleeping Paul Pelosi demanding to talk to Nancy Pelosi, then attacking him with a hammer.

In the weeks before Halloween, a popular social media meme depicted a Spirit Halloween store costume with Photoshopped images and text. One began circulating depicting an attacker in underwear holding a hammer. WRAL reported Robinson’s post, shared over the weekend, on Monday. On Robinson’s personal Facebook page, he publicly shared the meme in a post and wrote, “I’m sorry Paul I don’t believe you or the press!!!!” As of Tuesday afternoon, Robinson’s post had been shared more than 2,000 times. He has more than 132,000 followers on his personal page.

The Associated Press has fact-checked conspiracy theories and inaccuracies around the attack that have been amplified by some politicians.[…] 

It’s amazing how all those “fact-checks” find Republicans WRONG and Dems 100% CORRECT.

[…] In a statement shared on her U.S. Speaker of the House page on Monday, Nancy Pelosi thanked people for their concern. “Since the horrific attack on Paul early Friday, we have been deluged with thousands of messages conveying concern, prayers and warm wishes. We are most grateful,” Pelosi said. “Thanks to the excellent trauma care medical team at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, Paul is making steady progress on what will be a long recovery process. Our family thanks everyone for their kindness,” she said.

U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, a North Carolina Republican, condemned the attack. “The attack on Paul Pelosi is beyond disgusting and reprehensible. Praying for his complete recovery and I’m glad law enforcement has arrested the perpetrator. Violence never has a place in our political system, we air our differences with debate and settle them at the ballot box,” Tillis wrote on Twitter.

Robinson’s expected Democratic opponent in the 2024 gubernatorial race is state Attorney General Josh Stein. Neither Robinson nor Stein have announced their candidacies. “This Facebook post by LG Mark Robinson that mocks the violent attack against Paul Pelosi is disgusting and dangerous,” Stein wrote on Twitter. “We need our elected officials to keep us safe, bring us together as Americans, & condemn political violence, not throw fuel on its flames.”

Here is what Robinson ACTUALLY posted.

He does not appear to be mocking brain damage.  We have not heard from Paul Pelosi, so we only have what the drive-by media has presented to us — which consists of a lot of inflammatory leftist rhetoric about how this guy was inspired by the GOP to crack Pelosi’s head open with a hammer.

The suspect is from Berkeley.  Finding a right-winger in Berkeley, California is like stumbling across a dodo or a stegosaurus during your early-evening dog walk.  The suspect has all kinds of leftist slogans posted on and around his residence.  But the leftists and their media comrades are still running with this “It’s ALL the Republicans’ fault” nonsense.

NOBODY — at least NO respectable or sane human being — celebrates someone getting cracked in the head with a hammer.

It’s not unreasonable to distrust what Dawn and her fellow drive-bys “report.”  Dawn’s own paper aided and abetted the public lynching / crucifixion of those Duke lacrosse players some years back during the alleged rape scandal (which developed into a whole lot of nothing).  If I recall, the N&O barely dodged a lawsuit and some people lost their bylines and disappeared from the newsroom.

Let’s not forget the 2018 “vote fraud” “scandal” in congressional district 8.  Dawn’s paper and the rest of the drive-bys took their cues from Democrat politicos and eviscerated Mark Harris and McCrae Dowless.  No vote-related charges were ever filed against either man. The election. was re-done.  (Dan McCready STILL lost.) The drive-bys went on about their way, not even bothering with an apology for Harris or Dowless.

Let’s not forget the national media’s hysteria over the whole Jussie Smollett drama. The whole MAGA-hat “hate crime” turned into nothing more than a great routine for Dave Chappelle.

We got one big “Never mind” and the drive-bys moved on to their next demolition job.

Dawn and her colleagues showed not one bit of respect or decency for state Rep. Larry Pittman in the wake of his son’s very public suicide.

Of course, there has been a rather eerie silence in the drive-by community about Laura Leslie’s social media ravings. 

Drive-by “reporting” on January 6 has been little more than a couple of oil tankers full of crap.  People have had their doors kicked in, and have been thrown in solitary confinement without charges. A PERFECT scenario for media with integrity.  Of course, there are few if any meeting that criteria.

CNN has Nancy Pelosi on tape talking in detail about her desire to physically assault Donald Trump,  who was the sitting president at the time.  You or I doing something like that would get us thrown into the deepest darkest hole in the most remote federal prison possible.  But, according to Dawn and her colleagues, Trump and his supporters are inciting ALL the violence.

The smart, decent move on this Paul Pelosi matter?  Have sympathy for him as he recovers from his injuries.  However, DO NOT sit there and tolerate crap from the media claiming it is YOUR / OUR fault.  San Francisco is a crime-ridden, drug-infested, filthy hellhole.  A real socialist paradise.  I can’t imagine WHO would really want to live there. (Kinda like Durham.) Things similar to what happened at Casa Pelosi probably happen quite a bit in ol’ San Fran.  Not all those victims are named Pelosi.  So, they don’t get the national drive-by outrage.