Blogosphere steps up to fill MSM reporting void in House of Horrors abortionist trial



Dr. Kermit Gosnell SHOULD be a household name.   The women’s health care provider ran abortion clinics in the Philadelphia area for 20 years.  He’s on trial right now for crimes that sound ripped from the script of a really nasty NC-17 slasher / horror movie.

What’s astounding is how the national mainstream media has reacted to this story.  The Washington Post’s health care reporter — usually the go-to girl for Planned Parenthood’s PR department — dismissed the story as  a “local crime” story.   Really?  Kinda like Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?  Duke lacrosse?  O.J. Simpson?  The Aurora movie theater shootings?  The Newtown school shooting?  

Even typically liberal corners of the blogosphere , like Slate and The Atlantic, are expressing horror over the Gosnell case’s details and the national media’s lack of interest.

Conservative blogger Mollie Hemingway, with and other righty sites, has been leading the charge to (1) shame the MSM for their low level of interest in the story, and (2) inject its details into the national discussion.

I’ll tell you why the story is being downplayed.  It exposes the abortion industry in this country for what it is  — a horrific human tragedy.    I am sure this Gosnell guy has a lot of lefties inside and outside MSM newsrooms feeling quite uncomfortable — wishing it all would go away.