Blogger busts Greensboro paper on coverage of lefty Jones St. protests

biasThe team over at Carolina Plott Hound appears to have nailed The Greensboro News & Record for trying to mislead readers about the size of one of the lefty protests at the legislative building.

A handful of lefties showed up on Wednesday for something called ‘Witness Wednesdays.’  The N&R ran a photo with that story making the Wednesday event look HUGE.

The CPH called B.S. on the N&R — alleging that the Greensboro paper ran a photo from a larger Moral Monday protest to make the Wednesday event look bigger than it really was:








How honest is it to run a photo of action that took place on a different day from the action described in the story?  This is a major newspaper based about an hour or so from Raleigh.  (I think they have a capitol beat reporter.)

ONLY eight people got arrested on Wednesday.  That’s a far cry from the 100 or so from one of the Mondays.  ONLY eight arrests kills the narrative — the spin — the media is peddling.

I am still waiting on the N&R and the rest of the legacy media to report on Dana Cope’s tweets about “Moral Monday.”


2 thoughts on “Blogger busts Greensboro paper on coverage of lefty Jones St. protests

  1. Good job on keeping an eye on the press. I remember back when Sarah Palin was in NC and one of the Greensboro papers reporters was pushed to the ground by a “big, bearded Palin supporter.” As I recall the paper tried to make it into a story rivaling the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand but was caught short. I think the only damage done was a tear in the reporter’s cotton Dockers which may have been repairable.

    At any rate it is fun to make stuff up. Even in you are a newspaper.

  2. Its a relatively small point made by Carolina Plotthound, but a valid one and one that we residents know too well. In Greeensboro, we have no journalism. And it is a national epidemic as well.
    For years I have seen this type of slack phone-it-in reporting. I have been to events myself and then read about it, and wondered if the paper and I were even at that same event.
    The reporting is so perfunctory and lackluster it is pitiful. The News Record is dying a slow death not unlike many of its kind. I don’t even know anybody who subscribes and few that buy. If I look at a copy, it is a used one at McDonalds, or one discarded. Their online presence is just as worthless. We really only had one source for anykind of journalism and that was the FREE Rhino Times which has succombed now.
    Travis Fain the political reporter is cocky, lacking in grammar and spelling skills, and clueless.
    Using a picture that is not a picture of what happened is tantamount to FRAUD. It would be in advertising or any other business. Get off your ass and get a picture or don’t print one at all. Finally, your reading public or what is left of it, does not need flowery language, injected opinion, or cute tricks. All we need and want is WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, and HOW? In fact you could just bullet those items in each story and we would be happy and have more trust. Geez, its the most basic rule of journalism. Just give us the news in box score format and we can use it. Give every ‘reporter’ or ‘editor’ a wallet card with WWWWH on it so they can apply to each story, and your readership and credibility MIGHT stop freefalling.

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