Hawaii 6-0: Hawaii is in Asia?


The media, Hollywood, and a lot of university faculty have raved since 2008 about what a brilliant president we have.  BarryO told us that he had visited 57 states (and had one more to go), and the media gave him a pass. Meanwhile, George W. Bush ( a Harvard AND Yale alum), Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, and Rick Perry — we are told — are too stupid to do the job of president.

On Sunday, BarryO enlightened us about his grasp of geography by referring to Hawaii as “here in Asia.”  Wow.

Wasn’t BarryO BORN in Hawaii?  Isn’t Hawaii one of the 57 states?  (No.  BarryO said — in that speech — that he had been to 57 states, and had one more to go.  He explained that the campaign would not allow him to go to Alaska and Hawaii. So, does he actually think there are 60 states?)

Is he admitting that the ‘birthers’ are right, and he is NOT a native-born citizen, and therefore is disqualified for citizenship?  (I mean, if Hawaii is in Asia ….) 

I am sure that my BarryO-booster friends will tell me that their guy is not dumb, that he knows his geography, and is PERFECTLY AWARE that Hawaii is one of the SIXTY U.S. states.