And let the spin BEGIN …

The six-figure salaried frat boys at NCGOP HQ are already taking to social media to try and make lemonade out of Tuesday’s lemons:

Let’s see.  When Dallas The Boy Wonder and his Grandpa got installed via coup at NCGOP HQ in 2015, we had a GOP governor, a majority on the NC Supreme Court, a majority on the Court of Appeals, and super-majorities in both chambers on Jones Street.  Here in 2018, we have NONE OF THAT.  

It takes an infinite amount of gall to spin a finish with LESS than what you started with as a SUCCESS.  (But look who we’re talking about.)

The loss of the super-majorities means Roy Cooper can now run wild with his veto on any and all conservative policies that pass the General Assembly.  Now, after three years of Dallas, we have high courts loaded with leftist ideologues ready to declare the recognition of only two genders as unconstitutional bigotry. 

How is this a success?  Please explain, Boy Wonder.  

At this rate, with Dallas running the show, the NCGOP will have ZERO footprint in state government when the smoke clears in 2020.

If Dallas and his pals had ANY SHAME, they’d resign and quietly go away in the wake of Tuesday’s performance.  (But, sadly, there is no shame to be found anywhere in that crowd.)

Dan Forest needs to take note.  2018 looked a lot like 2016, in many ways.  2020 — a year Forest has big plans for —  is likely to look a lot like 2018 if things don’t change drastically.

It’s time to clear the kids out of NCGOP HQ and bring in some pros who actually HAVE A CLUE.

13 thoughts on “And let the spin BEGIN …

  1. Surely you’ve also seen the press release emailed out earlier tonight as well, right? Haywood County has a Republican County Commission for the first time ever! Mecklenburg now a 9-0 DEMOCRAT County Commission, but good on those folks in Haywood…

    Guess the emails and the tweets mean NCGOP leadership isn’t going to resign in shame?

    1. Yep the meck GOP is now a complete failure they pushed pushed pushed out the conservatives and weakened and weakened the party values wise but did you hear about the fundraiser the only thing important is the fundraisers and when Trump comes to town and you cannot fill an arena you also know there is a problem

  2. We need a Forest-friendly candidate for state GOP chairman to run next year against senile Grandpa, who is nothing but a front man for Woodhouse. Grandpa and Woodhouse are too tight with McCrory who wants to run again and Tillis who may want to run for governor instead of senator.

    A Forest endorsed candidate would be great, but I do not see him going out on that limb. but I would be happy with a Forest friendly candidate for chairman.

  3. Dan will obviousy get the support of POTUS in 2020 and Thom will too, if he took notice of who took Trump’s support. Dan should ring the White House and let them know he’s taking control…but maybe he’s concerned about a nasty primary…it’s tough but folks the party has to move forward. Papaw and Boy Blunder are completely clueless. Clueless.

    1. Trump has been a disappointment in endorsing swamp creature incumbents in Republican Senate primaries. The most recent such disappointment was his endorsement of Cindy Hyde-Smith, who in 2008 was a Democrat actively supporting Hillary Clinton, and is now a GOP Senator by appointment in Mississippi. She has also been a special interest lobbyist along the way. Trump endorsed her over staunch conservative State Senator Chris McDaniel. And that is not the first time Trump has endorsed a really squishy incumbent over a much better challenger.

      Now Trump has had a good record in open seat primaries of backing the conservatives, but he seems to put too much emphasis on incumbency. We cannot drain the swamp that way.

      Given that history, there is little doubt that Trump would back Tillis in a primary against a conservative. The only exception would likely be Mark Meadows, who Trump does seem to have a strong relationship with.

  4. How much is Dallas Woodhouse’s salary at the NCGOP? And nothing against janitors, but is it true that Dallas was a janitor at the fairgrounds after he no longer worked as a TV news reporter?

  5. The wreckage imposed upon the NC GOP by McCrory, Bob Edmunds and disastrous RINO appointees to the UNC Board of Governors simply played itself out in the 2018 elections. It will repeat itself in 2020 unless someone takes control and resets the course of the party in a strong conservative direction. Right now it does not look promising. We need another Tom Fetzer. Where is that leader?

    1. Tom Fetzer? The failed consultant who blew Elizabeth Dole’s reelection campaign? He is just another Woodhouse. Further, as state chairman, Fetzer endorsed the RINO candidate in the 8th Congressional District primary runoff over the Tea Party candidate who finished in first place in the first round and even viciously attacked the Tea Party candidate as “unfit for office” in his press conference. We do not need what we have but we also do not need another Fetzer.

      The Bob Edmunds race was blown by those in the legislature who stupidly gave us a non-partisan race. The fact that Edmunds asked for such a race, on his consultant’s stupid advice, played a role in that disaster, but it was the legislative leadership that pushed that style of election over the partisan election that the GOP House caucus as a whole supported. That leadership is the main culprit. Our legislators should be looking out for what is best for the party, not what one candidate’s consultant is advising him.

      1. Well at least we now all know who GUWonders is… none other than Tim D’Annunzio himself! Still holding a grudge against Fetzer after all these years huh?

      2. That Retzer / d’Annunzio precedent could get interesting in the 2020 Senate primary. Fetzer trashed d’Annunzio as well as endorsed his opponent in his capacity as state GOP chairman

        What if a group of county and district chairmen, citing the Fetzer precedent, held a press conference in the 2020 primary and endorsed Tillis’ conservative opponent and trashed Tillis? If the NCGOP elite tried to suppress it, all that would do would be to snowball the publicity to the average GOP voter that a lot of grassroots GOP leaders had had a belly full of Tillis.

        What goes around, comes around.

  6. When Trump, a NY City politician, can carry the state and demonstrate overwhelming support in rallies, yet the NCGOP loses key seats in both 2016 and 2018, there is a problem with the NCGOP. I think it can be traced largely to the endorsement of 2 out of 3 time loser Pat McCrory who built his position in the NCGOP on his ability to raise big time money from his crony capitalist urban supporters. Pat’s two losses can be attributed to the fact he turned two of his home based conservative regions, South and North Mecklenburg County, against him with policies that bleed them in order to feed his crony Charlotte base. The one time Pat managed to win in a statewide election was when grass root conservatives became alarmed by Obama and Bev Perdue in 2010. Soon after that election the NCGOP turned against the the grass root conservatives as a bunch of ill informed armatures that didn’t understand what it takes to win. The Republican held General Assembly has voted time and time again for policies that favored the Raleigh/Durham & Charlotte regions at the expense of the rural areas. I saw yesterday that the NCGOP is proclaiming for the future they must think in terms of what they need to do to woo urban voters. My thought is they need to focus on reconnecting to their conservative base.

  7. I have to ask if the NCGOP has given up on the 4th District until David Prices kicks the bucket. The GOP nominees in the district are weak and for the most part invisible. The most recent one Von Loor had domestic and divorce issues and had virtually no fund raising. At some point, someone has to hit Price and hit him hard. There were no TV ads, radio spots or mailers at all this time aroound. WTF???

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