AG race VERY IMPORTANT for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

download (5)Anyone with half-a-brain can see that Josh Stein is viewing the attorney general race as a stepping-stone to the governor’s mansion. If Roy Cooper goes down in November, and Stein is successful, the Stein for Governor 2020 campaign officially kicks off.  (If Cooper AND Stein are successful, the timetable for Stein just moves up to 2024 or 2028.)

It’s pretty clear Stein is a fundraising powerhouse.  He is currently blowing GOP nominee Buck Newton out of the water in that department.  Anyone thinking about a 2020 governor’s race (yes, we’re looking at you Dan Forest) needs for Buck Newton to be successful in the race for attorney general.  A November loss for Stein puts him on the outside of North Carolina state politics.  His platform for fundraising isn’t completely taken away — but becomes dramatically smaller. Dan-Forest

Forest has a tough race ahead for himself.  He has a rematch with Linda Coleman, who came really close to knocking him off in 2012.  THAT should be Dan’s top concern.  But, in terms of planning for the future, Lt. Dan and his followers need to make sure Josh Stein has a disappointing November if they want to have a prayer of eventually seeing Dan and Miss Alice move in on Blount Street.

9 thoughts on “AG race VERY IMPORTANT for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

  1. Dan Forest (and all legitimate conservative candidates for that matter) needs to sharpen his elbows and take control of the narrative NOW. A perfect example — this HB2 messaging disaster. The Left has completely taken control of this issue, painted every single supporter as a bigot and will use their lies to fundraise. What do we do? Attempt to have a rational conversation with the opposition and hold a prayer vigil. Are you kidding?! Where is the media campaign linking every single supporter (elected officials and businesses) of the Charlotte bathroom ordinance to the sex offender that promoted it?! Will we ever learn!?! Dan has no room and no time to pussyfoot around if he wants to win this election. AND, we need to open up our checkbooks today to help his campaign.

    1. Look up the CNBC interview with the Lt. Governor. He did VERY well indeed with it. They are doing quite well holding ground. I love your tenacity and willingness to fight this cause.Check that interview out though, you’ll stand up and clap!

    2. A competent media operation at NCGOP HQ would help a lot and we do not have it. Dallas Woodhouse clearly does not have what it takes. From Hasan Harnett’s emails, it looks like HQ either refuses to put out press releases coming from Harnett or they put it out with Woodhouse’s name on it.

      Harnett should have held a press conference at headquarters on this issue and told the conservative side of the story, but with the plotters ruling the roost there, how can he? They would probably not let him on the premises.

    3. Kudos Kim – you nailed it! This has been a head scratcher to me for quite some time. Bloggers like Lady Liberty communicate better than our own GOP. With little time to fix things, Dan better hustle.

  2. DF also needs to stop linking himself with the Establishment. Endorsing Craig Collins for State Party Chairman, endorsing the NC Connects Bond, not speaking out against toll roads, etc.

    Conservatives remember these things and it weighs on him

    1. Yeah, that bond endorsement left many conservatives I know scratching their heads.

      Forest’s best political path forward this year would probably have been challenging Tricky Dick Burr in the primary.

  3. Dan Forrest should consider himself lucky to be Lt. Governor, he’s not cut out for much more

  4. I agree completely with you BUT the world has changed. We have been brain-washed to think that facts matter and that rational discussion will change minds. Not today. We — and every single candidate worth his salt — need to stick it right back in the leftists’ faces. Where is the #AAstandswithperverts, #Roystandswithperverts, #RedHatstandswithperverts, etc. media campaign???? Put the heat right back on them — and make THEM defend their indefensible positions. Only then will WE control the narrative — and then maybe WE will WIN elections. I hope you are listening Buck, Dan and crew…

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