A TV blackout for Steinburg Invitational?

State senator-elect Bob Steinburg promised Currituck County a PR bonanza in return for underwriting his private company’s inaugural sports promotional venture.

Yes, college basketball season is upon us.  The Tar Heels men’s team is headed to Vegas for Thanksgiving to take on the likes of UCLA, Michigan State, and Texas.  That’s four premier teams sure to get all kinds of big-time sports media interest.

What’s going on with Bob Steinburg’s visitcurrituckobx.com Battle for the Blue Ridge set to tip off at the end of this coming week in Asheville?

Well — thanks to some emails between  Asheville officials and Steinburg’s sonwe’ve learned that ocean liner is headed for an iceberg.  Cost overruns.  Low interest on social media.  Shortcomings on publicity.

Now, it appears that not one second of the tournament is slated for ANY TV coverage.  Steinburg’s tourney is slated to run from  the 23rd to the 25th. Here’s ESPN’s schedule for the 23rd.  No coverage.  The 24th? No TV coverage.  And the 25th?  Nade.  (Apparently, ESPN’s startup streaming service ESPN+ wasn’t even interested. ESPN+  DID say yes to UMass Lowell v. Duquesne that weekend.)

According to Arkansas State’s sports information office, if you want to catch their team’s action in Asheville on the 23rd, you have to tune your radio to 107.9 KFIN.  On the 24th, the action can be heard on 95.3 The Ticket.  On the 25th, they’re back on 107.9 KFIN.

According to Gardner Webb’s sports information office, if you want to catch their team’s action in Asheville, travel to Asheville or you’re out of luck.  There’s NO radio or TV coverage. 

According to Eastern Illinois’s sports information office, if you want to follow their team in Asheville this coming week — you have to tune your radio to Hit Mix 88.9 FM.

And lastly — but not least – the folks at UNCW want you to know that you need to tune your radios to 99.5 FM The Breeze to catch all the action in Asheville.

Oh, and Fox Sports doesn’t appear to be covering the tourney, either.

(*Now this sounds like a hell of a return on a $50,000 investment!*)

4 thoughts on “A TV blackout for Steinburg Invitational?

  1. Too bad he took the Currituck County taxpayers to the cleaners for this one instead of, say, his Big Solar and Big Wind buddies.

  2. I say again, at best, REP BS is nothing more than a scam artist. SEN elect BS is the same BS, just a different title.

    1. I beg your pardon. Bob Steinburg is a champion of the Green Left. That is why our friends at the Environmental Defense Fund endorsed him this election and sent out mailings for him. Steinburg fights hard for President Obama’s green energy agenda and for the policies now being pushed by our friends Tom Steyer and George Soros.. With Bob’s help, we will put either a wind turbine or some solar panels in everyone’s neighborhood, no matter how bad the World Health Organization says they are for human health.

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