The never-ending election

Some wise old political hands have often told me that Democrats win early voting, but Republicans take it all on Election Day.  In recent years, it looks like Democrats are finding more and more ways to “win” elections days and weeks after Election Day.

The despicable Al Franken was declared winner of a November 2008 US Senate race in Minnesota in JUNE 2009.

On November 12 of this year, Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was declared winner of the Arizona Senate race that was held on November 6.  Leftists are still working away at reversing GOP wins in the Florida gubernatorial and senatorial races, and the Georgia gubernatorial race.

In North Carolina, officials were STILL counting votes NINE DAYS after the election that could possibly affect the results of SIX legislative races held on Election Day.

What’s with this spate of races getting resolved so long after Election Day? 

I’m from Robeson County — the undisputed vote fraud capital of the southeastern United States.  We had poll worker (allegedly) forced out of polling places at gunpoint — forced to watch helplessly through windows while others inside rummaged through ballot boxes.  

We had many an election where the county’s election results would be the last to report — typically in a year where there was a major statewide race.  If the Republican was leading statewide by a not-too drastic margin, juuuuuuuuuust enough votes would magically appear early Wednesday morning to give the Democrat the win.  That even got tried on local races.  If a candidate not endorsed by the local political machine was leading near the end of the night, certain precincts would delay reporting until their results could conveniently wipe out the anti-establishment candidate’s lead.

The same Lumberton city council precinct — predominantly Native American, mind you — had to redo its city council race in three consecutive election  cycles, due to the prevalence of so much apparent cheating.

So, you have to understand my cynicism and suspicion about the behind-closed-doors action on Election Day.  

So many pots of vote are out there these days — all thanks to the crusade to “make it easier to vote.”  You’ve got one-stop. You’ve got early voting. You’ve got absentee ballots. (*The ballots from the Mickey D’s drive thru line.*) The provisionals from people who mark five choices even when the ballot clearly says “pick two.”

All of those pots of ballots provide quite a few opportunities for shenanigans to be committed.

WHY NOT go back to the days where we had Election Day, and then absentee ballots for people who could not make it to the polls on Election Day?

Some states have Election Day on Saturday — so as not conflict with school operations and people’s work schedules.  Congressional action could make that a nation-wide thing for federal, state and local races.

Something has GOT to change.  All of these election  results changing days and weeks and months after Election Day — behind closed doors — doesn’t exactly instill confidence in our democratic process.  It looks and sounds a lot like something you’d see in some tin-pot banana dictatorship rather than in the capital of the free world.