A new GOP entry waiting in the wings for the 2022 US Senate race?



Conservatives have been moping over their choices thus far:  Pat McCrory, George Holding, and Mark Walker.  (Walker is the only one of the three who has said something publicly about running.).

Mark Meadows –  conservative hero –  is busy assisting former president Trump with his out-of-office plans (and possible return to DC).  So,  who will conservatives in North Carolina have to rally around?

I’ve been talking with some elected types of the conservative Republican persuasion in Raleigh and DC.  They’re all assuring me that “a really good conservative is getting ready to jump into that thing.”

(I know.  I know.  “Conservative” is a very relative term.  Everyone has a different idea of what that word means.)

A really good conservative — with statewide ID and significant fundraising capabilities?  Lt. Gov. Robinson is a possibility.  But he just got to Raleigh,  and needs to put in some time there.  I see Meadows as a very slim possibility.

A campaign consultant — and veteran of decades of political battles in our state — offered his two cents to me: “If Laura Trump runs, everybody else — and I do mean EVERYBODY — is wasting their time.”