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Tilli$$$ 2020: Feel The Love

  You post an innocuous piece of pro-Trump propaganda and get blasted with 345 (and counting) nasty comments.  A handful of them appear to be liberals.  But quite a few look and sound like betrayed supporters.   Let’s go to Facebook, shall we? :  …

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The myth of a surge in right-wing hate crime

    AOC and her crew have had hearings on it.  Lefties on and off university campuses have used this  myth to defend moving (or tearing down) Confederate monuments.   (*And it’s all apparently Donald Trump’s fault.*)   I came across this piece in Reason…

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#hayesscandal: NCGOP vice-chairman candidate cites ROBIN HAYES as her role model

  And she DID IT on Facebook 24 hours before he got slapped with five criminal indictments.  (Talk about timing.)     Mrs. Reidy-Jones (Oh, it is sooooo hard to avoid saying “Rodham-Jones” there.) is vice-chairman of the hapless, disastrous Mecklenburg County GOP. I believe…

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Lemons paid fines for his Harnett GOP screwups with NCGOP cash

  This story just keeps getting, um, better.   We’ve  told you about how NCGOP treasurer Jason Lemons — current Harnett County school board chairman and college buddy of David Lewis, Dee Stewart, and Dallas Woodhouse — has been serving as treasurer of the state…

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THIS drive-by HAS a point.

  Occasionally, it happens:     All of you folks who thought it was just brilliant to let Robin hang around during this whole “unpleasantness” with the US Department of Justice must now realize you’ve painted a big ol’ bulls-eye on the party.  I mean,…

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    A lot of questions get answered at the polls Tuesday.  Make sure your input is registered.    We KNOW there has been a  lot of nonsense surrounding this particular race for nearly a year.  And with recent revelations, there will likely be MORE….

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Dallas’s gal-pal thrown into NCGOP vice-chairman race by the Tillises?

  The Tillis reign of terror is apparently continuing.  Our very own version of Bill and Hillary Clinton are busily primarying Dan Forest for the 2020 GOP gubernatorial nomination.  They’re trying to  force Mike Whatley in as NCGOP chairman.  They’re slithering around behind the scenes…

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DC getting a lot of SAY in picking Dallas’s replacement

  Don’t you  find this a bit curious?     Oh, by the way, I’ve got mail:   To: NCGOP Central Committee   From: Acting Chair Aubrey Woodard   Re: Process to begin finding our next NCGOP Executive Director   After speaking with many of…

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#ncpol: Who wants to be the NEW Dallas ????

  There is a posting on Indeed that tells you what you need to do.    Deadline for applying is May 17.  A new party chairman is being elected during the convention being held June 6-9.   The “job announcement” tells candidates they will  “work…

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Folwell calls Jones Street’s bluff, advances transparency for state health plan

  Legislators and the deep-pocketed paymasters in the hospital lobby tried to tie state treasurer Dale Folwell’s hands on reforming the state health plan.  They succeeded in getting HB184 through the House, but there has been  no action in the Senate.     Meanwhile, Folwell…