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#hayesscandal: Kicking the can down the road

  Defense lawyers seem to be having their way with this one.  The US attorney is a former Mecklenburg County DA who happens to be BFFs with Thom Tillis.  The defense got the judge changed from a hard-line Democrat to a newly-seated, newly-approved Republican ….

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#hayesscandal: New judge? Dem replaced by Republican

    The bribery case involving former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes was slated to be heard by federal Judge (and Democrat)  Max Cogburn — most famous for single-handedly legalizing gay marriage in North Carolina.  Now, it appears that US District Judge Kenneth Bell — a…

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Pay to play, the Clinton way

One thing is for sure about Hillary and Bill Clinton:  They are in this politics thing for the CA$H. For nearly four decades, they’ve developed a track record of using their governmental connections to help out people who have very recently paid them a lot…