#hayesscandal: Dallas GIVEN a contract this past weekend?


An email went out today from “Acting Chair Aubrey Woodard” :


[…] The NCGOP Central Committee had its bi-monthly meeting on Sunday, April 14 with a full agenda. One of the leading subjects was the planning for our State Convention to be held in Concord, NC, on June 6-9. This is a very important convention in that we will be electing our Party officers for the next two years.

At this meeting, the Committee also entered into a contractual relationship with our Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse, which has a termination date of June 15, 2019. The Committee is beginning its search for a new Executive Director to replace Mr. Woodhouse. The Party sincerely thanks Mr. Woodhouse for his four years of service and wishes him success in his future endeavors. […]

“Entered into a contractual relationship” ????



This past weekend?  So,  are we to infer that Dallas Woodhouse has been operating without a contract all this time?  So, all this time — could he have been fired at will on the whim of a majority of the ruling committee?



Are we to believe that 16 of the 30 people on the NCGOP ruling committee could not be convinced to dismiss Woodhouse — even with all of the supporting corroboration for such an action?



I’m told that sources such as Ma Cotten  and Zan Bunn pleaded for mercy for Dallas.  “He has a wife and kids!  How could two more months hurt?”


(I don’t recall such concerns being voiced during the coup against Hasan  Harnett.)



Another thing to consider:  Dallas and the drive-by media keep stating that Dallas did not get “mentioned” in the Hayes indictment documents.  However,   a NCGOP HQ insider DID get cited.  This NCGOP HQ insider reportedly emailed to Robin Hayes and two other conspirators a screenshot confirming a wire transfer of the money to be used to bribe Mike Causey.



It’s pretty clear, from reading the indictment, that someone in the NCGOP other than Robin Hayes knew about the scheme to bribe Causey.  There are three possible candidates at NCGOP HQ (other than Hayes) for being able to email a screenshot — Dallas, the party treasurer, and the assistant treasurer.


Before awarding Dallas this contract this weekend, did anyone think to ask Dallas (1) if he sent the screen shot, or (2) if he knows who sent the screen shot? 


7 thoughts on “#hayesscandal: Dallas GIVEN a contract this past weekend?

  1. When I read the email from the “acting” NCGOP Chairman, I couldn’t help but laugh at the total state of denial. He certainly is an “acting” Chairman; acting as if this is not a serious matter. Can you imagine the following message being sent from the Captain of the Titanic?

    “As we have entered the ice-filled waters of the North Atlantic, I assembled the crew and discussed our recent brush with an iceberg and at that meeting, we took the following actions.
    We awarded a commendation and Medal of Valor to our fine lookout, who has brought us to where we are today. We have sent a message of thanks to the ships designers, for their assurances of our seaworthiness and their decisions regarding the number of lifeboats.
    And finally, although I am aware of large hole in the hull of our vessel, I feel taking any action at this point would only alarm the passengers and interfere with this evenings social activities. We will continue to arrange the deck chairs as the band plays on.”

    The NCGOP has gone from a laughing stock, to the punch line of any political joke being told in North Carolina. This is the legacy of Robin Hayes and Dallas Woodhouse. And the band plays on .

  2. “The Committee is beginning its search for a new Executive Director to replace Mr. Woodhouse.”

    That would seem premature at best. Why not let the incoming Chairman, Vice Chair, and Central Committee handle this matter after the convention?

  3. Everyone on the Central Committee should be replaced! Since the despicable treatment of Hasan Harnett through the indictment & now rewarding this clown Woodhouse with a “contract,” the members of the Central Committee have brought shame on the NCGOP! Time to clean house & get rid of the good ole boys & girls who have no moral compass. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

    1. The coup de tat debacle against Harnett was swift and merciless. It seems like this corrupt ordeal we are experiencing now will never end. Many heads must roll to fix this. We need to sharpen our axes for the next two conventions.

  4. Hush money.
    Write a new contract that spells out severance pay and non-disclosure terms.
    Do they think we are stupid or just dumb lint heads?

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way Robin.

  5. “Do they think we are stupid or just dumb lint heads?”

    Both. And apparently they’re right. They’re winning, and we’re losing. For the record, I don’t want to receive any more emails from my “friends” Woodard or Woodhouse. It’s time for me to unsubscribe from the NCGOP fundraising list. It may be getting time to unsubscribe from the GOP. Let’s see how the convention goes.

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