The tale of the campaign report (NCGOP edition)

After scrutinizing Tuesday’s results, a lot of folks from Murphy to Manteo are left scratching their heads wondering “What in the hell did they spend their money on?”

Well, let’s see:

  • $330,000 to the Florida GOP.  
  • Nearly $100K in payroll expense for someone named Marissa Ranieri.  That’s through October 20.  We can’t find any sort of internet footprint tying anyone by that name to the NCGOP.  She doesn’t show up on the staff listing on the NCGOP’s LinkedIn page.  There does not appear to be a publicly available listing of current party staff.  (Call the office, even after hours, and you get an answering service.  No extension directory to work through.) We did happen to find a baby registry page for someone in Raleigh named Marissa Ranieri who is apparently expecting on November 21. 
  • A whopping $825 in October to reimburse Barbara Jackson for direct mail design.  (That’s the only entry we could find regarding Jackson.)  To put that in perspective, the party spent $1837.01 on car rentals.   
  • A fee of $134,436.68 to Persuasion LLC of Raleigh for “consulting.”  Ray Martin, a former aide to Phil Berger, is the LLC’s registered agent. 
  • A fee of $90,500 to America Rising, a DC-area based “opposition research” group.
  • A fee of $166,000 to Causeway Solutions of Louisiana, for “consulting.”
  • A fee of $109,237.66 to Florida-based Consensus Media for “coordinated party expenditures.”
  • A fee of $96,917.50 to Consilium Connect of Raleigh for “fundraising consulting.”
  • $27,000 to Direct Edge of Tennessee for “direct mail design.”
  • $25,000 to Nelson Dollar for House.
  • $112,125 to Pennsylvania-based Harper Polling for “coordinated research.”
  • $40,103.99 to i360 of Baltimore, MD for “data management.”
  • $66,250 to Adcock for House.
  • Majority Strategies of Jacksonville, FL: $175,475.81 for “digital advertising” and $136,606.84 for “direct mail design.”
  • Malleus Political Strategies of Apex: $6,249.86 for “opposition research”
  • Meeting Street Research of Charleston, SC:  $429,500 for “coordinated party expenditures” plus $177,000 for “research”
  • Metro Productions of Raleigh: $55,356.50 for direct mail for Nelson Dollar
  • The Mike Causey Campaign ????  Apparently, it received $240,000 from the party.  (Causey was not on any ballot on Tuesday.)
  • Gary Maloney of Falls Church, VA: $136,742.54 for “research”
  • Kevin Daniels of Beaufort, NC:  $27,000 for “consulting”
  • Matt Bales. NC House political director: $158,119.49 payroll expense through October 20
  • Relyus of Fayetteville, NC: $905,306.53 for printing and postage for direct mail;  PLUS an additional $753,024.40
  • Sauls for North Carolina House:  $116,250
  • Shook Consulting:  $118,621.91 for “consulting services”
  • Singularis Group of Kansas$71,095.04 for “direct mail design”
  • Stephen Ross Committee:  $49,000
  • Vote Andy Dulin: $70,000
  • $21,000 to Bobby Hanig for House
  • Ward & Smith, PA of New Bern: $63,452.58 for “legal fees”
  • Westmoreland Printers of Shelby: $35,407.62 for “print postage direct mail”

11 thoughts on “The tale of the campaign report (NCGOP edition)

  1. Given all the complaints from both candidates and activists about the piss poor design and messaging of the party’s direct mail pieces, it is annoying to see how much those incompetent consultants were paid for that poor work

  2. Corruption! We accuse the left of deceit and corruption, yet here it seems clear the right is just as devious. Time for a reconning….

  3. It would appear from some of the items that the House caucus is still running much of their operation through the NCGOP accounts. It would be nice to know which are party expenses and which are caucus expenses. It would appear that the Senate caucus is totally divorced from the party, and its expense report would also be interesting to analyze.

    The heavy spending on certain House races like Dollar’s is indicative of the sort of cronyism one would expect of the House caucus. One that sticks out like a sore thumb, though is Hanig. Why is the caucus or party having to dump $21,000 into a race in an R+11 district? Did the fact that Hanig’s consultant is a big buddy of Woodhouse and this was his only client have anything to do with it?

    There seems to be a clear preference for assisting establishment Republican candidates over conservatives in this report..

  4. On the positive side, we can ignore all those donation solicitation letters from ncgop, since they obviously don’t need the money. ?

  5. How come you didnt note the expenses taken by Chairman for Jet Fuel and Vice Chairman for extensive travel for her upcoming Congressional Race on NCGOP dime? Woodhouse got some questionable expenses also?

    1. Don’t knock Michelle Nix. She is traveling all over the East cost representing us conservative Republicans and connecting back to us almost daily on Facebook. She is a North Carolina treasure.

      1. Michelle Nix’s is a selfless vote whore who will do or say anything to promote herself, including looking the other way when it comes to Al-Pam and the convicted sex pervert child molester Harvey West who runs that organization. Sex offenders have no place in the Republican party, but Nix’s could care less (and I can show anyone the text message exchange between her and me on the subject that doesn’t believe me.) Mattie, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting her, and supporting all those candidates in Dare County that supported raising taxes.

        1. There you go again Mr. Danko tossing out the “Whore” word. Five months ago I objected to your use of that description and I will once again. Talking about her like that really does not help the cause of conservatism and while I support your free speech to say what you want I do wish that say would be helpful and not hurtful in this cause

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