$330K to Florida GOP?

Yep.  According to the NCGOP’s third quarter finance report, that transaction occurred on October 10.

Why, you ask, is the North Carolina Republican Party sending $330,000 to the Florida GOP when we clearly had some races that NEEDED the cash HERE?

This is not the first time we’ve seen something like this.  In June, the NCGOP sent $35,000 to the Georgia GOP and $200,000 to the Virginia Republican Party.

We asked questions about those transactions, and got an eerie silence in response.  I’m sure we’re in for more of the same here. 

11 thoughts on “$330K to Florida GOP?

  1. I wonder how much the goons have sent to bottom feeding Lawyers in Haywood County to shut up the Christian Conservative Grassroots ???

    1. The kind of questions the author of this site is asking is the kind of questions that would clearly cause the current chairman of the party to call him hysterical…. None of us are smart enough to understand the numbers in the minds of the people in power that want to protect their power

  2. The State Party raises several types of money.

    It’s Federal Account
    It’s State Account
    It’s Building account

    The building account can take corporate money, but can only use it for building and utility expenses, plus a couple of support staff that do not primarily handle political affairs

    The state account is unlimited from non corporate sources but can only be used for non federal expenses

    The Federal account is the most valuable form of money. It is capped at 10,000k per individual per year. All staff expenses, marketing, communications must have an allocated portion come from Federal Funds.

    States are allowed to donate to each other and are not subject to limits between each other (in most cases)

    Sometimes states donate one kind of money to another state, which often donates a different kind of money back

    1. so you can talk all you want around the issue but I think most readers here would like to know what the NCGOP got for its 330k to FL but you failed to answer that question

  3. We never get anything in return for a donation.
    However as I mentioned before the Answer to your question can be found in the FEDERAL Report

  4. Having moved to Florida just six months ago, I want to thank the NCGOP for sending us all this money. It’s not like the NCGOP has any clue on how to spend that money in a useful way in NC anyway. Keep it coming! Thanks!

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