NC Dems take Tilli$$$’s old NC House seat

For the first time in at least sixteen years, the residents of North Carolina House district 98 in Mecklenburg County will be represented by a DEMOCRAT.

Conservative champion — and prominent Jim Black critic — John Rhodes was elected to the seat in 2002. ¬†In 2006, he was primaried and defeated by one Thoma$ Roland Tilli$$$, then a sitting Cornelius town commissioner.

Tilli$$$ held the seat through the 2014 elections when he moved on to the Senate in DC.  Fellow Republican John Bradford was elected to the seat in 2014.

The (grand ol’) party was over in the district this past Tuesday as Democrat Christy Clark upset Bradford.

Republicans will still control the NC House in January, but the margin will be much slimmer than it has been in years.

5 thoughts on “NC Dems take Tilli$$$’s old NC House seat

  1. Toll Roads Toll Roads Toll Roads were the TV ads against him Toll Roads did him in blame McCrory for not stopping Toll Roads in NC

  2. Just how dumb can Republicans be? Obviously the voters down there do not want toll roads. Quit pushing them!

  3. Very sad we lost such a fine man. Yes, Thom Tillis ruined our entire North Mecklenburg area. I guess after the loss of McCrory, Senator Tarte and Rep Bradford he will get the idea he has no support in this area.

  4. In the future, Republicans in North Mecklenburg should run against McCrory. He is worse than a cancerous tumor on the NC GOP.

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