#ncga: I KNOW I left that $17K laying around here SOMEWHERE!

The House majority leader is a busy guy.  Sometimes, all of that bookkeeping and keeping track of money stuff can get in the way.  Just look at this from his campaign consultant:

[…]Dear Sir or Madam,

After completing our 2017 Mid-Year Report on Thursday,July 13, 2017, we became aware of a number of discrepancies on our campaign finance reports.  In order to quickly correct any errors, Inotified and discussed the matter with Jane Steffens, in your office, on July 17, 2017.  During our telephone conversation, we reviewed recently filed reports and discovered an uncompleted field in the campaign reporting software which resulted in an approximate $17,000 discrepancy.

 During my conversation with Ms. Steffens, I informed her that we are working with a CPA trained in campaign finance to quickly and diligently identify and correct any additional discrepancies in our reports.  As part of that process, we will thoroughly review all finance reports filed, beginning in 2012, and will amend any reports necessary once our inquiry is complete.

If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you,

Malia Zaytoun

John  Bell Committee

Just for fun, I checked into the details of Bell’s latest report.  He has paid Ms. Zaytoun $17,901.63.


4 thoughts on “#ncga: I KNOW I left that $17K laying around here SOMEWHERE!

  1. I would imagine the Daily Haymaker is better at reading reports than that! The $17k to Ms. Zaytoun appears to be totals per report. Looks like she’s only making about $2,000 per month.

    Or was the catchy title more important than accuracy, Brant?

    1. The $17.9 K WAS a total payment. You’re correct there. But the headline had more to do with the $17K “discrepancy” noted in the email. (In most family budgets, and in most businesses, a $17k “discrepancy” is a major problem.)

  2. Hopefully a real conservative will run in this district and make that consultant have to earn that $17K. John Bell has a voting record that is a target rich environment for a conservative challenger. He stabbed Christian conservatives in the back by voting to repeal HB2 and to give liberals an opportunity beginning in 2020 to pass local ordinances to restrict religious liberty. He stabbed electric ratepayers (and North Carolina Republicans) in the back by voting for legislation to jack up our electric rates to put in the pocket of Big Solar. He is at war with our commercial fishermen on behalf of the radical environmentalists.

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