#ncpol: History 101 with Professor Woodhouse

Once again, NCGOP executive director has opened his mouth in public.  And, once again, grassroots Republicans are experiencing a face-palm, WTF moment.  North Carolina Democrats took to Twitter to celebrate the Voting Rights Act, and Dallas had to get involved:

In a response to a tweet from the State Democratic Party celebrating progress made since the passage of the Voting Rights Act (Aug. 6, 1965), Woodhouse tweeted “After they murdered blacks in Wilmington @NCDemParty, passed what they called the White Declaration of Independence.”

Asked why by ABC11 on Monday, Woodhouse said he’s “tired of being lectured to by people with a murderous, violent history.”

Woodhouse referenced the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898, in which a group of white elites in the Democratic Party organized the overthrow of the local government in Wilmington in the name of white supremacy.

“It is what it is,” Woodhouse said, unapologetic. “There was a commission on it a few years ago. People don’t want to admit it. They don’t want to hear about it. But it’s true.” […]

The Wilmington travesty referenced by Woodhouse DID happen — some 120 years ago.
I’ve never been a big fan of forcing people to apologize and atone for bad things that happened before they were born.   As a white southern man living in the 21st century, I have no obligation to apologize for slavery. (I wasn’t around when all that went down.)
Also, it IS interesting that a guy — Woodhouse — who played such a leading role in deposing the first elected black NCGOP chairman since Reconstruction is now parading around like some kind of civil rights warrior.
The events of 1898 in Wilmington basically boil down to some white southerners terrorizing black North Carolinians.  So, bringing that up plays right into the hands of Bill Barber and the rest of the modern-day race-baiting left.
Why not talk about what the modern-day Republican Party has to offer?  Smaller government? Lower taxes? Safer streets? Freedom not dependence on the state? (Unfortunately, the GOP in DC and Raleigh has capitulated on ALL of those counts.)
If you want to talk to blacks — take a good hard look at how life has been for them in the arms of the Democrat Party.  More blacks in jail than ever before.  Fewer married adults raising children than ever before. Black unemployment. An ever-increasing poverty rate — even as government spending continues to mushroom.  A poorer quality of life in locales dominated by Democrat political machines.
And compare all of that to say, Asians and Cubans, — minority groups in this country who also felt the sting of racism throughout history but gave both parties a fair shake and are doing relatively much better overall than black Americans.  Forget 120 years ago.  Tell us what you’re going to do NOW.

9 thoughts on “#ncpol: History 101 with Professor Woodhouse

  1. Did Dallas make any tweets about his pal Tillis? And, what a disgusting job the Republican Party is doing? Did he comment on the fact there is no obama care repeal? Did he comment on the fact the GOP has failed to pass any major legislation in 6 months? Did he comment on the fact a gentleman in Virginia is suing the GOP for false advertising because he wants his political contributions returned? Since the GOP fundraised on all these promises and haven’t kept the first one?

    1. Do you reckon its about time to file a fraud suit against the N.C. Republican Party like they did in Virginia?

      1. I believe the NCGOP/ GOP has committed fraud and racketeering. The definition of racketeering is dishonest business dealings. Were they not being dishonest when they stated obama care would be repealed on day1? When they had no intention of doing anything of the sort? It was just a way to take advantage of and extort money from people who were experiencing skyrocketing health insurance premiums. I received 100’s of pieces of literature from GOP ilk stating this and it was dishonest to say the least.

  2. Woodhouse is ignorant of history in NC. What happened in Wilmington was a populist uprising against Radical Republican Reconstruction in the Tarheel state. The Democrats then were the conservatives trying to preserve our state; the Republicans were the liberals. Republican Reconstruction is the reason we couldn’t elect a GOP governor until 1972 in NC. Yes, it took that long to get over the horrors of reconstructionist Republican rule. All Woodhouse is doing is reminding North Carolinians of our shameful Republican reconstructionist history. We don’t need to dredge that up again. Woodhouse needs to shut up and go after Tillis instead.

    1. Considering he helped get Tom the Terrible in office I doubt he would ever go after him but it is not his job to go after him it is the Chairman’s job… Someone should wake grandpa up from his nap at the old folks home. Does grandpa even remember he is chairman of the state party

  3. An executive director is supposed to keep the headquarters and its programs running, NOT be a party spokesman. It is the chairman who is supposed to speak for the party, and that is who has always done it over the years. Someone needs to put a muzzle on Woodhouse, but then I think I would cringe about as much with Hayes speaking for the party as I do when Woodhouse does.

    We need an ED who will function as the ED, not try to do the chairman’s job. He gets away with it because Hayes is happy being a figurehead.

  4. You’ve written another good piece, Brant.

    Actions by President Trump and members of his Executive Department with some help from the few good Republicans in Congress are addressing the problems blacks (and others, but blacks most severely) are facing that you addressed in your article.

    The rest of the Republicans in Congress would be well advised to remember what the Republican platform says about the issues you brought up, and swing their support to back the things the President is trying to do.

    If they fail to do so, they may fail to get reelected. I don’t care how far off in the future their next campaign is. We the people are sick and tired of “bait and switch” campaign tactics.

  5. RINO GOP leadership, both in Raleigh and Washington, is crashing and burning—unfortunately destroying conservatism reform in the process. The country gave the Republicans one last chance to save the country and they have blown it big time. It just takes a few RINOs in key positions to completely destroy the movement. What a tragedy. The fact that Woodhouse would brag about the GOP being the party of Reconstruction just shows how stupid he is. Where is Chairman Hayes at this crucial moment?

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