TALKING is Hard.

The more I see Robin Hayes in action, the more I understand why his mush-mouthed grandson is out front and on-camera speaking for the party so often.   

Hayes’s public appearances are marked more and more often with outlandish behavior — scowling, threats, insults, stomping off-stage or just completely not making sense.  It’s quite curious for a guy heralded by the establishment as THE BEST CHOICE for a job whose main duty is to cheerlead for and promote The North Carolina Republican Party. 

The NCGOPe is contorting itself into a pretzel to try and help the man survive a challenge from Lee County GOP chairman Jim Womack.  They’ve paid for a “Shareholder’s Report” to promote Hayes.  They’ve provided party resources to Hayes’s election campaign that are being denied to Womack’s.  Now, it appears the state party has produced a Facebook video featuring an on-camera Hayes clearly reading from cue cards. (Oh, it’s quite the treat.)

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Here’s one of the, um, “best” parts of the video:

“[…After sweeping the council of state and fully returning our supermajorities in the legislature, we have already passed legislation that will benefit Republicans in future elections — and help everyone keep more of their hard-earned money.  Tax cuts for the middle class. Fought back hard against the liberal agenda.  I am proud of the work our elected officials have done and can’t wait to see what else is in store.[…]”

Okay.  First, I can’t recall the GOP ever sweeping the council of state races.  EVER.  (It’s hard to tell if this is some doddering confusion, or outright attempt at deceit.) 

I thought that MAYBE this video was done during his previous term as chairman.  Pat McCrory and Dan Forest took the top two seats on the council of state during that tenure.  

M. Farris Productions

But, no. Hayes references later in the video the state GOP convention in Wilmington featuring heavyweights KellyAnne Conway and Alberto Gonzales.  The video was made THIS YEAR.  The party picked up the DPI and Insurance seats in 2016, but LOST the governor’s race and a very winnable open seat for AG.   (AND the chief justice seat on the state supreme court.) Certainly not a sweep. 

Also — What do you mean “we,” paleface? 

Hayes left the legislature in 1996 for an ill-fated run against incumbent Gov. Jim Hunt.  (At one point in that race, Hunt was leading him 75% to 25%.  The drivebys were projecting it to be the worst beat-down in the history of North Carolina gubernatorial races.   And, as luck would have it, the team that surrounded Hayes that year is now reaping all kinds of benefits from his current chairmanship of the party.) 

My all-time favorite Hayes video featured him doing his best LBJ impression — “You’re either with Robin, or you’re against Robin” — while intimidating the North Carolina delegates to the 2012 Republican National Convention.



12 thoughts on “TALKING is Hard.

  1. Stop downplaying Robin’s achievements! He’s the first and only State Chairman in the history of the North Carolina Republican Party to simultaneously lose the Executive and Judicial Branches. Give him another term and maybe he’ll lose our legislative majorities, too! That’s a triple play!

  2. You should see Hayes run a state ex-comm meeting it is hysterical and trust me it is history that no one in the party should ever what repeated

    The party is broken and the only chance fix it is to Vote Womack and help him and others #ReviveTheParty with Transparancy, Honor and Integrity

  3. Why do I keep visualizing Weekend at Bernies as this plays out? Dallas and some other GOPe person carrying Robin in with eyeglasses on…rigging up some ropes so he can wave and walk. This would make a good movie if it was not real.

  4. The reason McCrory lost was the untimely death of Jack Hawke. Hawke would have beaten Cooper handily and not allowed McCrory to make the mistakes he made during his race. The consultants the NCGOP currently has available are past their prime and the younger ones are too inexperienced and talentless. The party is moving too far to the left as can be seen by the election of RINO’s like Tillis and Burr. The John Locke Foundation has turned out to be an establishment sellout and produced no consultant talent. Apparently conservative candidates will have to look outside NC for political consultants and be very careful when they do.

    1. Since you mentioned it, just a quick reminder that Tillis only took 46% in the primary, which means 54% of Republicans did not vote for him, and he took less than 50% in the general election. No wonder he is looking at running for Governor, instead of reelection. RUN, FOREST, RUN!

      1. If Terrible Thom keeps voting left like he does, hopefully the only thing he will be running for is the state line, with the peasants with pitchforks and the tar and feathers in hot pursuit.

      2. All of which proves we need to change our nomination rules and that starts with Party leadership reforms.

    2. McCrory treated some Down East folks horribly who helped him a great deal. His disrespect of Walter Jones was deplorable.

  5. Speaking of talking, the silence has been deafening from party officials and legislative leaders about the Voter ID debacle. It was our leftist Attorney General Josh Stein, who was not even attorney of record, backed by our Soros-loving governor, Crooked Cooper, who muddied the water by trying to withdraw the appeal that led the Supreme Court not to take up the case. It is their fault that the overwhelming majority of North Carolinians who have indicated in polls that they want the election integrity protection of photo voter ID will not have it.

    Our party should be in full battle cry denouncing the scandalous and unethical actions of Cooper and Stein to deprive our citizens of Voter ID. Instead, we have crickets. Perhaps an impeachment campaign on one or both would be appropriate. Perhaps whacking budgets in retaliation would be appropriate. Perhaps an ethics complaint to the State Bar. Perhaps a call for resignation. We in the trenches expect something, but we seem to be getting nothing.

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