#ncpol: The North State Journal’s integrity,and Donna King’s story, continue to crumble

If you don’t watch Marc Rotterman’s  UNC-TV program, and don’t listen to The Chad Adams Radio Show — believe me, that universe includes A WHOLE LOT of people — you might not know of The North State Journal (NSJ).  The NSJ was founded right about the time of Pat McCrory’s 2012 gubernatorial victory by some of his big donors and supporters.  The paper was meant to provide a sounding board for the McCrory POV – read: The GOPe POV.

It served as quite the cheering section for the McCrory administration.  Given the fact it was funded by some of McCrory’s inner circle and biggest donors, that was no surprise.  But the McCrory era ended a little early.  Some folks have abandoned this money-bleeding ship.  But some diehards remain, ready to go down with the ship as they fight to protect the honor of the GOPe.

In 2016, the NSJ was the go-to source for the NCGOPe mob seeking to overthrow duly elected state chairman Hasan Harnett.  The paper gleefully took the rumors and innuendo — that no one else would touch — and brought them out into the sunlight.  Slander of a good, decent man got legitimized.  And the folks at the paper got attaboys and head-pats all around from Zan, Dallas, Ma Cotten and ol’ Robin.  

Well, the paper is back in 2017 to do Dallas Woodhouse’s bidding.  Dallas’s grandpa, Robin Hayes, is running for a full term as NCGOP state chairman.  NSJ newsroom doyenne Donna King unloaded on Hayes challenger Jim Womack with a hit that would have made Frank Nitti proud.  She regurgitated propaganda from Hayes supporters that had been proven false time and again.  She loaded up her article with commentary from Hayes partisans, but declined to even talk with TWO Womack supporters who offered to provide commentary on their guy.  

The North State Journal parades around as an alleged “fair & balanced” mainstream news source.  We, on the other hand, are proudly and decidedly– as some of our kindred spirits in the Palmetto State describe themselves —  “unfair and unbalanced.”  

We’re conservative.  We despise government.  We strongly dislike lying, thieving politicians, campaign consultants, lawyers and bureaucrats. (And we have a lot of opinions on a lot of things.)   But one thing you’ll never pin on us is being someone else’s lapdog or mouthpiece.  NOBODY outside of Haymaker HQ owns this site.  NOBODY. 

Well, after we thoroughly smacked down Miss Donna’s hit piece — one more nugget fell in our lap.   In King’s story, she presented one Zak Crotts as someone who objectively examined the two candidates and came down on the side of Robin Hayes.  She neglected to mention that Crotts had already been circulating an endorsement letter on behalf of Hayes:

Hmmm.  Paid for with personal funds, at that.  (But the jet fuel WAS NOT.)

“Grassroots activists”‘ asked Hayes to come back?  *Not the establishment party hacks who despised the outsider who got himself elected chairman, falsely accused him of crimes, butchered the rules and locked him out of his computer AND party headquarters? Not those folks?*


Yep.  Zak — bad grammar, atrocious spelling and all — got himself featured in The North State Journal.  But two folks — TWO — who could have balanced out the story and given readers a fair assessment of the race, DID NOT.

The North State Journal joins the ranks of entities like WRAL and The N&O that are not worth your time or money. 



14 thoughts on “#ncpol: The North State Journal’s integrity,and Donna King’s story, continue to crumble

  1. NSJ is proudly endorsed daily by the Chad Adams Show…

    Donna King and Dallas has had a long relationship..

    Neil Robbins is in on the gig …

  2. Agast at the steps being taken by the opposition to Jim Womack by Hayes supporters. Zak is in over his head and should step back and let the voters decide as they did 2 years ago, against the candidate with all the endorsements and fancy mailers. Grassroots usually win against big money campaigns at least in NC politics. Remember when the NCGOPe ran someone against Senator Sanderson?…it just doesn’t work with the grassroots activists in North Carolina.

    1. Maybe it is like Rockin’ Robin’s plane fuel for his reelection campaign trips and his campaign mailer entitled ”shareholder report” – paid for with NCGOPe funds. This corrupt clique needs to be cleaned out and replaced by some honest grassroots conservatives.

  3. Funny how a young wet behind the ears first term County Commissioner has allowed himself to be the water carrying boy of Dallas and the establishment. He is quite the political climber and has a strong desire for political power. Ask the folks familiar with Davidson County politics about his ego. The question is….are there enough grassroots people that will show up in Wilmington to make a difference for Womack?

  4. I was not going to comment on this but my “Memorandum From The Desk Zak Crotts” just came in my mailbox but the Logic used to make his case at least one BIG BIG POINT is based on a LIE a STRAIGHT UP LIE or SAY BIG TWIST OF THE FACTS

    In the first paragraph of his letter he says:
    “The NCGOP’s main partners — The Republican National Committee, the NC State House and Senate Caucuses and the National Republican Senatorial Committee were taking legal steps to separate from the North Carolina Republican Party”

    Ok that is what his letter stated and I cannot speak for the RNC or the NRSC but lets address the NCGA and the caucus money

    1. On the convention floor in 2015 before Harnett was even elected some of our NC Legislators were talking about how to remove their Caucus money from the party in case the outcome of the chairman race was not the person they wanted

    SO I ASK —- If this was being talked about BEFORE THE VOTE WAS TAKEN how is this action a result of Harnett’s job performance and this clearly shows elected officials with R’s after their name doing everything they can before the Chairman took office to make sure he did not succeed or at least did not show him any support from the start

    And —– if some of the legislators were talking this talk that I did witness is it not reasonable to assume other big donors were being told by powerful people to hold back their money from the party. I know someone must have proof of conversations of this type and I wish they would come forward if they do…. but even without proof is seems totally reasonable to me based on what I witnessed on the convention floor

    And —- If one understood the Caucus money they would know that even thought it sat in the party account it was not party money. It is the Caucus’s money and with it going through the party then the Caucus’s has to abide by the rules set by the party because the money was going through the party

    But — if they no longer funneled their money through the party they would no longer have to abide by the party rules in terms for how it would be spent and they would have more freedom to use it in primaries against other republicans without the NCGOP over-site

    Once Upon A TIme – A legislator got up in front of a crowd of people and told them this caucus money issue was old news old meaning this had been in the works years before and this had nothing to do with the Harnett election because all the other states did it this way and NCGA was just making its self more like the other states with the bill they passed changing how the caucus money…

    Then Moments Later – The same legislator said this action was taken because the party did not have a Finance Chair and totally contradicted the whole once upon a time story earlier


    In Closing —–when people say the current chairman fix the problems created by the last delegate elected Chairman remember people were taking actions against him before he had even won the election. Do not let people twist the facts I hope the Delegates going to this years convention will fight to for FULL TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH before the cast their vote

    Currently in the race for Chairman their is only on person running for the Office of Chairman that is willing to have real conversations about the Truth and what is wrong with the party and how to fix the it and that is Jim Womack go to his website jim4ncgop.com and read his position papers and see how they differ from letters of praise filled Rhetoric from the other side

    1. Interesting point about legislators legally separating from the NCGOP. Someone was lecturing me about that a few months back, as they were of the opinion that as long as HB 373 remained law, the legislators actually WERE in a separate Party of their own making. I think his theory was that as long as the legislators were in one of these “Party Affiliated Committee” pseudo-Parties, they were either A) breaking NCGOP rules by unlawfully interfering in Primaries, or: B) they were in a separate Party and as such they should be forced to forfeit their membership and votes in the NCGOP Executive Committee and delegate status at any State or regional convention.

      1. State party organizations get a special mail permit by federal law that gives them a super cheap mailing rate, a lot less than regular bulk rate. Those rates are not availible to anyone else, The party should tell the legislators that as long as their money is run through the party they can continue to mail under that permit, but if the use these affialiated committees then in that case they cannot.

    2. Thank you Patrick for this reminder of some inconvenient Truth that Hayes and the GOPe would sweep under the rug.

  5. This letter was written by somebody else, not Zak. His name was just added to it. He is being used by establishment. Proof of this is the address used at the bottom of the letter. It says “Winston” instead of Winston-Salem. Most of northern Davidson County has Winston-Salem addresses and all that are familiar to this area know people in that area just refer to Winston-Salem as “Winston.” So Zak told whoever wrote the letter that he lived in “Winston” figuring that he or she knew he meant Winston-Salem. This is comical but so very sad..

    1. Very perceptive! I noticed that on the love letter I received from Crotts as well.
      Too bad he had no opposition at the 13th. I’m sure he’ll be about to get the iredell gopE sheeples to support gp hayes, even though many wore Womack buttons at the 13th convention.

  6. Zak was clearly given the list of delegates to mail to. Has Woodhouse yet given the list to Womack or is Woodhouse still stonewalling?

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