Hey, Roy. We’re having a parade.



While most of the state is quivering and laying awake at night worrying about the consequences of violating one of Gov. Doofus’s executive orders,  most people in Moore County are having NONE of that.

Sheriff Ronnie Fields has already shrugged off most of Cooper’s executive orders.  He says he has no problem with people going to church, and says his guys and gals are too busy to ride the roads checking for face masks.

Pinehurst Village government just put out its latest newsletter announcing the cancellation of the official parade and fireworks show.   But alas — have no fear —  some independent, private sources will be picking up the slack:


Sources tell us the main organizers are The Moore County Republican Party,  The Moore Republican Women, and The Republican Men’s Club.   It’s also our understanding that some additional folks who have participated in prior years’ parades will be planning to participate in this one.