#ncga: l’affaire Hall

It’s amazing how quiet a lot of folks in the big city of Raleigh are in the wake of the Duane Hall allegations. On the D-side,  you’ve got folks falling all over themselves calling for his resignation.  *Due process, shmue process.*

But the oooooooonly officlal NCGOP commentary I can find on l’affaire Hall comes from Wake GOP chairman Charles Hellwig.  No House or Senate leaders.  No Lt. Dan.  Nobody at NCGOP HQ.

I am aware of the old maxim about not interrupting your enemy while he is in the midst of destroying himselfBut is quite curious how some big-dog Republicans are running from this like its the cooties.  

Democrats have never hesitated to beat on a Republican honorable caught with his pants down.  And they delighted in trying to tar the NCGOP with Alabaman Roy Moore’s problems. .

Could it be that certain folks on the R-side are really scared that the next shoe of this type to drop will land smack on their heads?

Here are a few things about this story that really piqued my curiosity:

  1.  The timing and the source.  The “Scoop” was produced by NCPolicyWatch — who neeeeeeeeeeeever finds fault with anything Democrat or liberal. While our site has no qualms with calling out Republicans behaving in a dishonest, sleazy, underhanded, amoral manner,  NCPW is an absolute fall-on-the-sword apologist for Wayne Goodwin and his crew at NCDP HQ. Couple that with the timing of the scoop — the last day of filing — and it has all the signs of a political hit. Someone on Hall’s own side trying to knock him out of the game with extreme prejudice.  (He has TWO Democrat primary opponents.)
    Also, you can go in the legislative building, close your eyes, throw a rock and HIT at least one other person who has done what Hall is accused of — or worse.  Could an easy target on the D-side have been sacrificed in order to clear the deck for an ensuing “hit” on a major R-target?
  2. Why the rush?  I think we still operate under the whole ‘innocent until proven guilty’ thing. Why not let everybody put the facts out there, and then let Hall’s constituents have the final say on his future? (Or a court of law, if the accusers choose to go that route?)
  3. Democrat priorities.  Almost as an aside, the drivebys have mentioned that one of Hall’s primary opponents reportedly admitted to having an affair with Bradley Cooper right before he killed his wife.    Yet, the Dems are demanding only Hall get out of the race.  Is it really better to have a homewrecker with ties to a high profile domestic violence case gone terribly wrong represent you on Jones Street than a guy who got a little bit handsy / kissy-kissy?