#ncga: Hall hit by ‘friendly fire’

My suspicions were correct.  It appears Rep. Duane Hall was the victim of a political “hit” — by a powerful figure on his side of the political fence. (This does not diminish the severity of the accusations.  It doesn’t let him off the hook, by any means.)

My sources on Jones Street tell me that a “big-dog” Democrat with a lot of juice / influence on Jones Street, in the governor’s office, and at NCPolicyWatch pulled the political trigger on Hall. (I have a name.  Not quite ready to put it out there YET.)

My sources tell me that said “big-dog” believed that Hall had wronged a young lady close to said “big-dog.”  The “big-dog” in question decided to lower the boom on Hall by taking what he knew to his comrades at NCPolicyWatch.

Yep, folks.  This IS a contact sport.