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ICE, ICE Baby (Lee County, NC re-mix.)

  I swear.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Here’s Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter (R):   Here’s more from our favorite band of snowflakes from Lee County: […] Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested approximately 30 men and women for “identification theft and fraud” from Bear Creek…

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  It appears the Jacksonville area and Onslow  County will be well-represented in the campaign to replace retiring US Rep. Walter Jones in 2020. Vanessa Sapp of Sneads Ferry has released a video and website announcing the formation  of an exploratory committee for a congressional run in The Third Congressional…

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Pick a gender! (ANY gender !!!)

  That’s right.  Roy Cooper’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has made it about as easy to “change” your gender as it would be to change your mailing address: […] The DMV has begun using a new “sex designation form” that includes a section where a licensed health care or…

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Retired Raleigh financier eyeing primary challenge to US senator Thom Tilli$$$?

  THAT is the word on the street.   Garland Tucker III is the retired CEO of Raleigh’s Triangle Capital Corporation.   He’s a Harvard Business School grad and a senior fellow at The John Locke Foundation and board member at Civitas.  Tucker is an author whose best know work is Conservative Heroes:…

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#ncpol: LtGov GOP field for 2020 already getting crowded

It’s the worst kept secret in Raleigh that Dan Forest is leaving the lieutenant governor post to run for governor in 2020.  A gaggle of Republicans is out there already positioning themselves to replace him. We’ve already told you about NC Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union) and former Mecklenburg County commissioner…

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Green card holder registered to vote (and VOTED) in Columbus County

Those folks fighting tooth and nail to block voter ID — claiming there is no fraud at the polls — will be left sputtering by this story: A federal judge has chastised election officials in North Carolina who let a Korean woman with a green card vote in three elections….

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Lefties PRAYING for Tillis or McCrory 2020 gubernatorial run

If you pay close enough attention  to  liberals, they will actually give you clues as to what they’re really up to.  Take this recent poll from  that leftist clown car known as Public Policy Polling. They’re showing Pat McCrory (41% to 45% for Cooper) and Thom Tillis (37% to Cooper’s…

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BOING !!!! One of biggest players in NC solar biz bounces a tiny check

Sun Energy1 is arguably one of the world’s biggest players in the renewable energy field.  THAT is why it was surprising to see this: Charlotte area-based Sun Energy1 is arguably one of the world’s biggest players in the renewable energy field.  (They sponsor NASCAR.)  In North Carolina,  most of their…

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#ncpol: Thom’s Top 20 collusion countdown

Remember back in 2014 when  Thom Tilli$$$ ran for US Senate pledging to collaborate with liberal Democrats and stab the next Republican president in the back every chance he got?  (Yeah, us neither.) I’m curious.  Can Robert Mueller expand his collusion investigation to include Thom Tilli$$$ and his relationship with…

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It’s all about Bladen & The GOP. (Meanwhile, Robeson, Dems get a FREE PASS.)

The Democrat chairman of the state board of elections has resigned in the wake of the revelation of his long history of anti-GOP tweets.  Gov. Cooper has replaced him with fellow board member and Robeson County attorney Joshua Malcolm.  Malcolm is an operative for a Robeson County Democrat political machine…