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Duke Law School jumps into Haywood Five / NCGOP fray

For a few years now — at least — a small band of conservative activists in Haywood County (out west) have been  slugging it out with establishment elements in the local party.  The ruckus spilled over into legal action being initiated against the conservative activists by the local GOP chairman….

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Politician convicted of embezzlement sues to keep her state pension

Talk about GREAT BIG ONES: Laura Riddick, the former Wake County Register of Deeds who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $926,000 while in office, is suing North Carolina to keep her pension. The state, her attorney argues, “exceeded its authority” and acted in error when it ordered $126,290.28 in…

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A courtroom win for The Constitution Party

And the hits keep coming for the powers-that-be on Jones Street: For the second time this month, a new state law targeting individual candidates running for office this November has been found unconstitutional. The state’s newly formed Constitution Party and three of its candidates won a victory in federal court…

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Josh Stein, “science” guy?

Well, fellow Tar Heels, we managed to transition from an attorney general who didn’t do ONE DAMN THING to another one totally committed to being the handmaiden of the radical left. The same guy who spent months whining about not having enough money to adequately represent the people of North…

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Speaking of Socialism …

The s-word appears to be the popular buzzword this campaign season for GOPe types. We’re eight years into state government’s alleged conservative revolution.  State government keeps spending more and more.  We’re subsidizing solar panels and windmills.  Even MORE money is being tossed into the failing public school bureaucracy. And one…

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Elections have consequences. Josh Stein is a BIG FAT ONE.

We heard a lot of boo-hooing last year from the state Department of Justice about “budget cuts” by the legislature.  North Carolina would be less safe, we were told.  The people’s business won’t get done, we were told. Far-left wacko legislator Josh Stein  knocked off Republican Buck Newton in 2016….

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Leftist “hell-raiser” prof sues, can’t understand WHY UNC won’t promote her

If there is a protest in Chapel Hill, you can bet Altha Cravey will — at some point — be in the vicinity.  We wrote about this faculty member, who describes her self as ”pretty good at raising hell”, back in 2015. Altha is back in the news claiming that…

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Crime lab, Shmime lab: AG Josh Stein ignores real problems, focuses on driving America deeper into red

The North Carolina Department of Justice’s crime lab is screwing over crime victims left and right.  Local governments are having to outsource their crime lab work to actually prosecute criminals.  Rookie attorney general  (and social justice warrior / snowflake) Josh Stein has been crying to anyone who will listen about…

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Judicial Watch to NC: Clean up your voter records or be SUED!

In the wake of an audit that found ineligible voters casting votes in the state’s 2016 elections, an advocacy group called Judicial Watch is stepping forward with a pretty serious demand for state elections officials: Dear Director Strach: We write to bring your attention to violations of Section 8 of…

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#ncga: House majority whip getting HIS day in (federal) court?

It appears a dispute involving his private business is catapulting Rep. Dean Arp into the ucomfortable confines of US District Court:  […] This action arises from the Defendants’ unlawful conduct in obtaining copies of computer files containing detailed engineering drawings and plans developed by Hunter Structural. Defendants then sold those…