Like a tranny in the ladies room, The Round Rev has been BANNED.

“Let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you!” 
George Jefferson
“[…] Don’t come around here no more
Don’t come around here no more
Whatever you’re looking for
Hey, don’t come around here no more[…]”
— Tom Petty


Apparently, somebody has lost respect for “The Curl”:

The Rev. William Barber, the N.C. NAACP president, has been banned from entering the N.C. Legislative Building after his arrest during a protest there on May 30.

The ban also applies to 31 other protesters arrested that day during a health care sit-in after they refused to clear the hallways outside legislative leaders’ offices. The ban was a condition of the protesters’ release from jail, set by Wake County magistrate Jeffrey L. Godwin as he charged them with second-degree trespassing.

General Assembly Police Chief Martin Brock said Friday that his agency didn’t ask the magistrate to set those conditions, but he said he plans to make the request for future arrests of protesters.[…] 

I’ve got mixed feelings on this one.  On one hand, the ban cements The Round Rev’s place as a martyr in the eyes and minds of the lefties and the drive by media.  You’re giving the guy more attention than he deserves, in all honesty.

On the other hand,  The Round Rev and his comrades have been doing a lot more than simply lobbying the legislature like good citizens.  I’ve seen footage of them pounding on the large windows surrounding the House gallery and hollering.  I’ve seen footage of them blocking hallways and preventing folks from conducting their business in the legislative facilities.  Speaking your mind and exercising the First Amendment is one thing.  Being an obnoxious, disruptive pain-in-the-ass is another thing entirely. 

The best way to handle The Round Rev is to simply ignore him. Don’t react to him. (Unless he’s inciting disruption of government business.) 

The real story about the NAACP is how much respect its lost in the black community since the 60s.  Most average black people on the street will tell you they dismiss the NAACP as a relic, a joke.  In fact, most of the folks following Barber at his PR / media events aren’t even black.  His following skews heavily (pardon the pun) toward the cream of the crop of the Chapel Hill-Carboro-Durham aging hippie / Bernie Sanders Fan Club / drum circle kook brigade.  

Barber has sold the soul of the NAACP to the extreme left.  He put the organization out on a limb opposing HB2.  (Actually, HB2 was quite popular among many socially-conservative minority voters.  It played a big part in GOP successes in places like minority-majority Robeson County.) 

Putting Barber out there so prominently can’t be helping the state’s Democrats.  I’d be willing to bet that more people know who Bill Barber is than they do Darren Jackson or Wayne Goodwin. 

The Democrats have much more moderate, palatable black voices out there — senator Joel Ford and Rep. Ed Hanes, to name two — but they are choosing to forsake them for Barber’s “put-trannies-in-the-locker-room-with-your-daughters-and-by-the-way-you’re-really-racist-if-you-don’t-cough-up-all-of-your-money-to-the-social-welfare-state” ranting.


5 thoughts on “Like a tranny in the ladies room, The Round Rev has been BANNED.

  1. Well, at least the foundation of the building will finally get a break. I am sure the legislators were getting scared that he floors would crumble if the dude kept on stressing out the structure.

    Unfortunately, the judiciary will likely over ride this as some kind of constitutional right to enter the building. It makes no sense if you are causing a disruption that you cannot be stopped from entering the building to continue disrupting. It would be fine if they were doing this acting like reasonable people, but his circus of horrors needs to stop.

  2. Kudos to DH for pointing out that “Bully” Barber’s disciples are the Woodstock Wannabee gangs from “Chapelboro” and Asheville. When Bully puts the word out they rev up (no pun intended) their rusted-out VW mini buses and form his “…80,000 maybe more” (cough cough, snicker snicker). … But even with his tie-dyed disciples, Bully could not exist without WRAL’s Jim Goodmon’s $$$ via his AJ Fletcher Foundation.. and total support of what’s left of the N&O.

  3. The round reverend has made the NC NAACP nothing but a subsidiary of the far left George Soros political empire. Barber is George Soros’ houseboy. He is taking Soros money, pushing Soros agenda, and using Soros tactics.

  4. An illustration of how truly effective Rev. Barber is in speaking Truth to power (the GOP legislature). He will wear this as a badge of honor as he should.

    1. It will probably get him a bonus from his sugar daddy, former Nazi collaborator George Soros.Barber’s leftwing lies from the truth, then you are more brainwashed than I thought.

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