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Snowflakes, drive-by media celebrate GIRLS in the BOY SCOUTS

Another testosterone-laden American institution bites the dust, and the snowflakes and the drive-by media couldn’t be happier: The historic moment passed with little fanfare. Troop 1, the region’s oldest Boy Scout troop, welcomed its first girl members with a short ceremony and light supper on Tuesday. Chartered by the VFW Post 7318 in Southern Pines, the five young women represent the first female-only Scouts BSA troop in Moore County —…

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The sad state of third parties in North Carolina

  We spend a lot of time griping about the sorry state of the NCGOP and the NC Dems.  But those two organizations are looking great when compared to the state’s Libertarian and Constitution parties. The Libertarian Party of North Carolina hasn’t come much further than the state it was in when co-founded in 1976 by Art Pope. (Yep, THAT Art Pope.) State records show that, in 2019, there are…

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NC-09: A Green!

  Yes, it appears the Green Party will join the Libertarian  Party, the Republicans and Democrat Ginger McCready in this scrum  for the Ninth Congressional District.    Loran Allen Smith of Charlotte will carry the tree-hugger (and likely recyclable) banner into the general election. Halfway through  Day 3, the Republican candidates are STILL Stony Rushing and Fern Shubert, both of Union County.  That’s strange, given all the talk of “big…

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NC-09: Ginger McCready FILES! (Trumpets sound, tears of joy flow in driveby newsrooms from Murphy to Manteo to NY to DC)

  Democrat Ginger McCready,  who cries and whines more than ANY U.S. Marine in American history, has valiantly stormed the state board of elections building with the hope of being the first man to lose the same congressional race two years in  a row to two different opponents.   Lil’  Ginger brings the total number of candidates at the close of filing period DAY 2 to FOUR:  One Democrat, Two…

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NC-09: Horrible News

  That’s “who” sent this email out this afternoon: “Horrible News”  is an alias tied to the email account used by NCGOP communications director Jeff (*$#@*!) Hauser.  Just like the crazy email sent out not too long ago under Dallas’s smiling face and letterhead, this one raises questions like: I assume they’re talking about The Ninth Congressional District.  HOW DO THEY KNOW the race is “close” when the GOP has…

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Moore County commissioners lash out at county’s state legislators

  It’s been rare to see something like this in collegial, get-along  Republican Moore County.  But here it is, in a prepared statement from Moore County government: Senator Tom McInnis and Representatives Jamie Boles and Allen McNeill did not inform the Moore County Board of Commissioners regarding bills they recently sponsored, Senate Bill 190 and House Bill 281, respectively, authorizing the commissioners to create a special tax district for the…

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NC-03: The doctor fights back

  Politics IS a full-contact sport.  (As if you didn’t already know this.)  Far too often, I see really good people play way too nice and get their reputations destroyed. Judging from a video taken at a recent Third District GOP confab, congressional candidate and state Rep. Greg Murphy (R-Pitt) is deciding to assertively stand up for himself. Considered by many to be a front-runner in the race, Murphy has…

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NC-09: WHO hid the Robeson County ballot harvesting evidence?

  Jay DeLancy and Raleigh’s Voter Integrity Project really want to know: Earlier last week, I was able to ask State BOE Director of Investigations, Joan Fleming, about the disparity between the Absentee Ballot Request logs used by two counties in their investigation into alleged criminal behavior by McCrae Dowless in Bladen County.     Last week’s post only offered an attachment of the Bladen documents, but not images of the forms themselves….

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NC-09: So far, it’s ALL Stony.

  It’s one thing to talk about running for Congress.  It’s another to step up, pay the filing fee, and sign on the dotted line.  The first day of filing in the Ninth District do-over got started today.  Union County board of commissioners chairman Stony Rushing — by late Monday — was the only one to sign on the dotted line. I hadn’t heard of Rushing until Mark Harris quit…

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#ncga: House’s anti-Folwell bill sitting in Murphy’s Health committee

  Remember how we told you about the hospital lobby drafting a bill clipping treasurer Dale Folwell’s wings and passing out a lot of cash to get the House to move on it?   The bill restricts the treasurer’s ability to manage the state health plan.  (A number of years back,  the health plan was moved into the realm  of the state treasurer because too many legislators were making mischief…