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NC-09: Robeson Democrat goes dark, still hasn’t filed final campaign report

A Robeson County school board member running for NC Senate in November — who appears to have been a significant vehicle for disbursing payments to GOTV “consultants” — has not communicated officially with the state board of elections since October 30 and has not submitted his final campaign finance report….

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#ncpol: ONE MORE GOPer looking at LtGov?

We’ve got four potentials out there on the GOP side, and it appears that a  New Bern restauranteur and minor-league baseball team owner may make it a quintet.  Buddy Bengel,  owner of Bengel Hospitality and The Morehead City Marlins, is reported to be feeling out various key political players in…

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NC-03: More vultures?

While incumbent congressman Walter Jones recovers from an injury and the resulting surgery, a number of Republicans are already jockeying to replace him. We’ve heard from perennial candidate Phil Law.  Now, state Rep. Phil Shepard (R-Onslow) is stepping out there publicly: Law and Sheppard would appear to be fighting over…

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#ncpol: LtGov GOP field for 2020 already getting crowded

It’s the worst kept secret in Raleigh that Dan Forest is leaving the lieutenant governor post to run for governor in 2020.  A gaggle of Republicans is out there already positioning themselves to replace him. We’ve already told you about NC Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union) and former Mecklenburg County commissioner…

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#ncga: And then there were TWO! (Perhaps a THIRD?)

We already told you about John Blust getting a visit from the FeeBs.  Now it appears another Republican legislator also had an unexpected encounter: FBI agents reached out to at least two members of the N.C. House of Representatives in recent months, asking questions about an anonymous letter that accused…

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#ncga: FBI? (O-M-G.)

It’s been whispered around the halls of the legislative building for years now:  The feds are hot on the trail of Speaker Timmy and his pals.   Now, according to one former legislator, that piece of workplace gossip may be coming true: A former state House member said Tuesday that…

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#ncga: Campaign funds to pay “COLLEGE HUNKS” ?????

No,  we’re not talking about a sex scandal here.  (At least, I DON’T THINK SO.) Jason Saine is still living the good life with his campaign treasury.  Apparently, his folks back home don’t care.  They keep sending him back to Raleigh.  Apparently, the state board of elections doesn’t care.  (Why…

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NC-09: TWO Robeson DEMs paid $60K+ in 2018 for same thing being probed in Bladen

Roughly $7000 in payments for GOTV (get out the vote) consulting to McRae Dowless of Bladen County has the certification of the Ninth Congressional District race in limbo.   Final campaign finance reports for 2018 show that two powerful Robeson County Democrats, who were on the November ballot,  paid out…

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NCGOP picks up senator’s legal bill

This post kinda dovetails off the previous one …. State senator Ralph Hise got caught up in an ethics /elections brouhaha over allegations of using campaign funds for personal use.  (Paying attention, Kelly and Jason?) Steve Long, of the politically-powerful Ward & Smith firm, is IDed (and quoted) as a…

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Fools and our money ….

In 2018, the state GOP managed to blow the reelection of a state Supreme Court justice,  FOUR appellate court races, and two super-majorities in the legislature. The state Republican majority only managed to scrape together $825 for then-Supreme Court justice Barbara Jackson in her losing effort.   Yet they managed to…