Your Tuesday to-do list


If you did not vote early, you have something very important to do tomorrow — TUESDAY.  There are some very good conservative candidates out there who may need a little extra boost to get across the finish line ahead of the statist hordes. We’ve looked into some of these ourselves, and others have been highly recommended by trusted sources.

If a particular name is not included, it does not mean we find that candidate unworthy.  This is a list of people we believe are the best, most sure-fire investments of our conservative votes.  If you live in any of the following counties, please give these folks your vote.  If you know people living in these counties or jurisdictions, recommend these folks to your friends / family registered to vote there.

Here we go:

Let’s start with Moore County.   There are two contested county commissioner races here.  We recommend, in those races,  Jim Von Canon and Nick Picerno.  There are also crucial board of education races that could result in a conservative takeover of the county’s school system.  We recommend supporting Pauline Bruno, Ken Benway and Shannon Davis. 

For US House, there are three crucial races that conservatives really need to turn out for.  Vote Dan Bishop in congressional district 9.  Vote Bo Hines in congressional district 13.  Vote Sandy Smith in congressional district 1.

In New Hanover County, we recommend voting for Melissa Mason for Board of Education.   In Cumberland County, vote Julissa Jumper and Nyrell Melvin for Board of Education.  In Forsyth County, vote Sarah Absher for Board of Education.

In Cabarrus County, vote Brian Echevarria for NC House and Laura Blackwell, Melanie Freeman, and Sean Turner for Board of Education.  In Onslow County, support Angie Todd for Board of Education.

In Pitt County, vote Sandy Moyer for Board of Education. In Dare County, vote Matt Brauer for Board of Education. In Bladen County, vote Steve Kwiatkowski for Board of Education. In Craven County, vote for Lauren Kitzinger for Board of Education.

In Granville County, vote Danielle Hayes for Board of Education. In Wilkes County, vote Tammy Stanley for Board of Education. In Brunswick County, vote Robin Moffitt for Board of Education.

In Harnett County, vote Joe Pike for NC House district 6.   In Rockingham County and surrounding counties, vote John Morris for Superior Court Judge.