Yet ANOTHER Robinson family business …

In April, we were informed that the much-scrutinized Balanced Nutritiona nonprofit contractor for the NC Department of Health & Human Services (NC DHHS) which has employed Mark Robinson, his wife Yolanda Hill, and various other members of the Robinson and Hill clanswas shutting down at the end of April.  

Hill told her Balanced Nutrition clients that she was shutting down in order to spend more time helping her hubby campaign for governor.   On the same day, she also communicated concerns to NC DHHS leaders that her decision to shut down had to do with her belief she was being targeted via a political vendetta.

That was followed by quite a bit of written and verbal sparring between DHHS officials, Hill and her lawyer over the scheduling of required fiscal reviews for Balanced Nutrition. 

[Our earlier reporting detailed trouble (2000-2007) Mark & Yolanda had with DHHS over a daycare center the couple had been operating in Greensboro. ]

In May, we learned that Yolanda had created yet another corporate entity with the secretary of state’s office called “JK Slime.”  Neither Hill nor any member of the Robinson family nor any official with the Robinson campaign has offered any details about the establishment or purpose of “JK Slime.”

Shifting back to Balanced Nutrition, we learned – in the company’s final days – Mark & Yolanda’s daughter Kimberly Cephas had joined the firm.  Filings with the Department of Health & Human Services identified  Cephas as both the company’s “Purchasing Manager” and “Operations Manager.”

In April, another corporation — J&K Provisionswas established with the secretary of state’s office.  Cephas is identified on the paperwork as the registered agent for J&K Provisions.   The paperwork for J&K Provisions identifies the company’s purpose as “charitable.”  (This company was founded two days after Yolanda emailed her Balanced Nutrition clients  about the shutdown decision.)