#WRAL’s Laura L. LOVES her some Planned Parenthood

WRAL’s top political correspondent makes no bones about her opinion of human baby parts broker and distributor Planned Parenthood:


Okay. Now, let’s check out this reporting from NCCapitol, which is her, um, “baby”:


Hmmm. ¬†Reporting favorably — and selectively — on entities who provided you benefits. ¬†Wonder what the J-School ethics profs have to say about that?

6 thoughts on “#WRAL’s Laura L. LOVES her some Planned Parenthood

  1. The videos were edited for the public but ALL of the interviews, in full, were posted on the internet and no one questioned them. PP just pushed out the talking point that they were highly edited, which leftist reporters, like Laura, ran with. The fact is that was the best PP could say to trash them, as the videos were all true.

    1. Ethics do not matter in the “profession” of journalism, only the ability to spout the current narrative that is handed down from the handlers. The Soviet era news services have nothing on current media outlets at disseminating propaganda.

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