Womack: Lining up “superstar” endorsements, WNC now key to race

Uh-oh.  We’ve got mail. 

We obtained an email briefing from NCGOP chairman candidate Jim Womack to his inner circle of supporters.  It reveals a few interesting nuggets of information.

First, Womack reveals his belief that both sides in the NCGOP chairman’s race are focusing their energy now, in the waning days of the campaign, on the western side of the state.  Womack, in the email, tells his supporters of some events out that way.  He also points out that the Hayes team has a number of things scheduled in that neck of the woods over the next several days.

Here’s where it gets really interesting.  Womack tells his supporters that he has secured a commitment from a “political superstar” to introduce him from the floor at the NCGOP convention.  (He does not name the “superstar.”) But the name I’ve heard from a number of sources close to the Womack campaign definitely qualifies as a “jaw-dropper.”

Womack also tells his team he has heard from four different incumbent Members of Congress from North Carolina who have said they’ve been approached by Team Hayes for an endorsement.  He says the four told him they declined to take a side in the race.  (That’s interesting, given the stampede by every elected Tom, Dick, and Harry to endorse Craig Collins the last go-’round.) 

Womack also lets slip that one member of the state’s congressional delegation has donated to his campaign.

22 thoughts on “Womack: Lining up “superstar” endorsements, WNC now key to race

  1. As long as that so-called superstar doesn’t have a name that rhymes with Ned Ruse or Meg Bannon, this could be a game changer!

  2. It is also telling that four incumbent Congressmen would refuse to endorse Hayes, who is a failed former Congressman himself.

    1. I suspect that while only Lieutenant Governor Forest initially caught on to the fact that meddling in Party business can be toxic a la McCrory, other office holders are coming around to realizing they could get burned emulating McCrory.

  3. If the republicans won’t pass CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY, then I sure won’t vote for ANY of them!!!

  4. If Womack simply announces he will fight our RINO legislature “tooth and nail” to appoint true conservatives to the UNC Board of Governors and UNC system boards, he will defeat Hayes in a landslide. This is the biggest issue in the state where conservatives have been totally betrayed by our RINO leadership. If Womack comes out fighting to save the UNC system form its RINO-led cultural marxism, he will slaughter Hayes at the convention.

  5. Stan’s suggestion on calling for the dismissal of the UNC Board of Governors and replacing them with honest conservatives is the best idea I’ve heard yet. And I would add getting rid of the pathetic Margaret Spellings to his platform as well. We need to send the GOP legislature a strong message on this. Go Womack!!

  6. Someone better ask Craig Collins to go tell Womack that endorsements don’t mean a thing.

    1. Collins was picked by the establishment so endorsements in that case were meaningless but in Womack’s case endorsements are a start to showing how his platform is to unify the party and work to fix the current division between regular Republicans and the current party ruling class to #ReviveTheParty

  7. Mr. Womack has vision and foresight. I have looked at both candidates equally and there is no comparison. From what I have seen, he brings passion and vision, combined you cannot beat those two traits. He has the stamina and charisma to lead the party. 2018 will be an absolutely disgusting mess of Leftist attacks unlike anything we have ever seen. We need a determined leader to lead this party going forward. I am telling you, 2018 will be unlike anything we have ever seen. The party will have to fight blow for blow, the worst is yet to come and we need a party leader who has the fortitude to take the fight to the enemy.

  8. Robin will be saying “Et tu Brute?”, on Convention Day..
    He is spending an incredible amount of money trying to get the votes of folks who already know his name and where he stands; a very, very sad case indeed!

    1. Let him spend lots of money and then when it comes time to vote let the delegates show him that it is not about money but about the values vision the delegates want to build the future with

    2. The sad thing is how much of the party’s money he is inappropriately spending, from his plane fuel for his campaign trips paid for by the party to that expensive reelection campaign mailer ”shareholder report” sent to delegates, printed and mailed at party expense to who knows what else. For a rich dude, Hayes sure wants others to pick up lots of the tab.

      The Executive Director AND the Treasurer are going to have a lot to answer for in this misspending of party money.

  9. Robin Hayes is a sad arrogant old man who that remaining chairman will be his last hope of boss. There is no logical reason to re-elect him chairman. Look at what he has done and his accomplishments in the 2016 election then honestly access what will change? NOTHING positive will change for the NCGOP. The same elitist will be reappointed and remain in control. Now that’s working just wonderfully for the state’s Grand Old Party.

    Truth the Skipper and his first mate Gilligan can not, MUST NOT be at the helm for the 2018 election. In the same nautical narrative rearranging chairs on the Titanic will not win a election. Ask McCrory and Justice Edmonds.

  10. Mr Womack has comprehensively rejuvenated the Lee County GOP with new energy and enthusiasm and I’m confident he will replicate this throughout the great state of North Carolina. His vision for involving others as stakeholders is a mainstay of his platform. Our state needs a courageous leader who is not afraid to ask the difficult questions and is willing to lead my example. Vote Womack for a better tomorrow

  11. I agree with Eric and Stan—-why is the UNC system more liberal and anti-Republican now than when the NC GOP Legislature took control of appointing BOG members and trustees? This is a huge issue to the grassroots and conservatives around the state. I hope Womack will come out strong on this issue. The RINO leadership that Hayes represents has sold us out.

    1. This is just one of the plethora of issues that GOP office holders have betrayed us on.

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