North Carolina’s ‘baby-mama drama’ : Will John Edwards — um — GET OFF?

As a former journalist who has covered more than my fair share of trials — my experience has found that, the longer a jury deliberates, the better the chances are for the defense team and the defendant.

McClatchy — the parent of The N&O and The CharlotteO — and its DC bureau recently ran a story about all of  the things North Carolina has to be embarrassed about.   They made a big deal out of some KKK rally and some preacher in places I’ve never heard of.  The McClatchy article neglected to mention  NC Democrat chairman David Parker and crotch-punching, or our former U.S. senator, vice-presidential candidate, pride and joy of Robbins, North Carolina,  and All-American baby-daddy John Edwards.

Edwards is on trial in federal court in Greensboro over allegations he illegally funneled campaign contributions to his presidential campaign to help hide and support his baby-mama, Rielle Hunter, while he was running for president and his wife was dying of cancer.

(During the trial, we got treated to a story about Edwards and an attractive young female juror FLIRTING during testimony.  Stay classy, Johnny.) 

 The jury has been deliberating for a week.  All indications are that there is a deadlock.

In most cases, a deadlocked jury leads to a mistrial — where the prosecution has the option of retrying the case.  I believe — in federal court — the judge has the option of possibly setting aside the jury deliberations and handing down a sentence himself (or herself).

 I know we’ve got some readers with federal court professional experience.  (Help us out here.) 

So, it looks like it might be possible for Edwards to still get — um —  nailed, even if the jury can’t come to a decision.  It would be a real travesty — given all of the time and money spent and all of the drama and pain this guy has caused — for him to just walk away scot-free.