Wells’ GOP NCGOV race debut targets Robinson’s silence on secret casino deal

The newest arrival in the GOP primary for governor – former state senator Andy Wells of Hickory – has a lot to say about presumed front-runner (and lieutenant governor) Mark Robinson’s apparent lack of anything to say. Wells gave Robinson a good fight in the 2020 race for lieutenant governor. 

Robinson’s claim-to-fame is an alleged predisposition to “speak his mind” without worrying about whose feelings get hurt.

Yet, he’s had little to nothing to say about GOP establishment passions like Medicaid expansion, legalized marijuana, corporate welfare and legalized casinos outside of tribal land.  The big guy has been practically invisible while NCGOPe types have been ramming this stuff through the system in Raleigh. (It appears he’s been watching all of the game’s action from the bench.)

Mark Robinson rose to fame – and the lieutenant governor’s office – as a supposed warrior for the poorly-represented grassroots.

Nearly four years later, the grassroots are still poorly represented in Raleigh. And their “champion” — Robinson – is too busy at fundraisers at out-of-state resorts to fight the good fight he pledged to fight in 2020.