Vidant Health lectures white people on how to behave.



They’ve cornered the market on most things health care-related in eastern North Carolina.  Now, it appears Vidant Health is tackling the thorny issue of getting those pesky white people to be more respectful and understanding of POC (people of color).   THIS got distributed earlier from the provider’s network.  It found its way onto social media (and, of course, into our grubby hands):





*Make it an EXPENSIVE dinner, too.  Don’t just spring for Pizza Hut.  (That’s racist.)*



MY oppression?  You mean like the crap conservatives get while working in public education or the government?



*Go ahead.   Let ’em “wail, cuss, or even yell at you.”   Go ahead.  (HR won’t mind.)*



Vidant may have distributed this, but it is not their original work.  It was produced by something called “Be The Bridge.”

One of the classes BTB offers is called “Whiteness Intensive”:


In the Whiteness Intensive course, we break down the core components of Whiteness such as privilege, culture, socialization, identity, supremacy, and fragility as well as offered guidance on raising white children and removing the white-wash from history.

15 thoughts on “Vidant Health lectures white people on how to behave.

  1. I did some research on Vidant Health just to see “who’s in charge” of this group. Well, wouldn’t you know it….the Vidant board is appointed by the UNC Board of Governors and the Pitt County Commissioners. I shouldn’t have been surprised. Here we go again with the feckless RINOs on the UNC Board of Governors. They never stop pushing the liberal agenda on the people of North Carolina. Just demonstrates how corrupt the NC GOP leadership has become when it comes to defending conservatives values. Don’t even bother to vote this fall–it’s a waste of time. Don’t believe anything coming out of State GOP headquarters.

    1. Look into the New Republican Caucus! There is hope! I am running for senate in the once great state of Minnesota….. yes, many issues….but there is hope…don’t give-up just yet. Help get us elected…search us out!

  2. Damn. I knew Colin Kaepernick signed a consulting contract with Nike and Disney, but Vidant too?!

    Hey Vidant. It’s not happening. I won’t be taking a knee, washing feet, lying prostrate, groveling, apologizing, whimpering, or hating myself because my skin tone is too light for your acceptability standards. How about you guys concentrate on health care and stay out of the racist social engineering business.

    If anyone working for me came up with crap like this I would have to seriously consider if they were intelligent enough or decent enough to be a part of my business.

    Ever heard of the Golden Rule? I’ll be sticking with that. Those 16 points; down the toilet where they belong.

  3. For those not in this area, many of us in eastern NC supported and ardently fought for them to take over our regional/local/county hospitals. WE went to bat for Vidant and boy are we sorry. LET THEM FAIL. For the record, they have laid off many employees, required pay cuts and salary cuts, cut hours, workforce and are still bleeding. Any day, UNC, Duke or another corp conglomerate will eat them up; virtually fiscally insolvent. MGT IS HORRENDOUS. Has been for yrs. Constant battles w/in board members, as noted above. IT IS POLITICS at its worse and the employees have been jerked around merciless. Do internet searches and find the numerous battles/politics. ECU has it SOM there and there is constant turf battle there as well and the BOG is knee-deep in that saga as well. ECU was not like UNC and Duke and had its own hospital. Vidant was Pitt Co Hosp and when the SOM came along, had to partner with the county hosp then turned Vidant and has been a disaster ever since. If you see employee surveys on the internet, take a gander at the comments. NOT a happy place to be employed. And now THIS ‘teaching moment’. It has hit FB I’m told and the comments are, as you can imagine, ‘hot’. Stupid, stupid, stupid, but hey, its Vidant and its our hospital……lucky us….!!!! Boy, did we fight for NOTHING!!!!!!!!

    1. I remember those battles some years ago that led to the takeover of Beaufort County Hospital by Vidant (I think it was UHS back then). Only two of the seven county commissioners fought for the interests of the county during that time. The vast majority of the crowd lining up to speak was extremely pro-UHS (Vidant). As I remember it there were only two county citizens that stood up to speak from the alternate perspective of protecting Beaufort County interests: Mrs. Hickman and Mr. Murphy. They endured plenty of abuse for their efforts from the majority I recall. Today they’re looking pretty smart.
      I think Mr. Murphy has passed away in recent years. Tomorrow I’m going to contact Mrs. Hickman and thank her.

      1. You are correct about Jones. Unsure on the other named individual. And to be clear, VIdant promised the moon and has constructed a new, improved, modern ER (much needed) and at one point were using Greenville MDs to cover medical needs at the hospital. It did bring financial stability for a period. All that is now in the past. And the reason for the decline is Vidant’s own destruction and implosion. The Vidant Wellness Center in Gv, a HUGE facility, largest in the east no doubt CLOSED last month and eliminated 179 (or 189) positions…??? It was a great facility USED by healthy, non-healthy, rehab, etc. GONE, POOF…The facility in Washington remains closed and questionable it ever reopens. (much, much smaller facility but does have pool so many seniors use for RA, other ailments) and many seniors use in winter and summer for the treadmills.

        1. I don’t understand the Jones reference. All the promises from UHS (Vidant) I do remember. What they were saying sounded good. The dissenters in the community and on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners were pushing for a stronger negotiation for the interests of the county. The majority of the non-comatose citizens and the commission majority were all for whatever UHS (Vidant) had planned. In retrospect, the county could have negotiated for a much stronger position. Give Vidant credit. They won the PR battle and had 5 of the 7 Beaufort County Commissioners in their pocket. It’s all water under the bridge now.

          Back to today. Since the surfacing of these 16 Tips, and despite a strong condemnation from Vidant employees and customers, Vidant has not backed off one bit. In fact they seem determined to incorporate this racist trash into their training programs.

          I know a lot of Vidant employees and customers. Generally, they are all appalled. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  4. As long as the Republicans on the UNC Board of Governors have their hands in this, it will be a total disaster for everybody. They couldn’t manage a kindergarten.

  5. This is the same group that fought Treasurer Dale Folwell against Price Transparency. Vidant sent out emails to their employees back then too. Those emails said that if they were forced to have Price Transparency, many employees would lose this jobs.
    Let’s not forget that the NC House supported Vidant and not Treasurer Folwell and the Citizens of NC.

    1. This is one of the many, many reasons I’m very excited about going to vote for Treasurer Folwell, President Trump and a couple of commission candidates but will be taking a hard, hard look at the rest of the ballot regardless of the party affiliation.

    2. Should OBX Hospital be affiliated with Sentara instead of Vidant? Would seem to make more sense.

  6. If Vidant has a problem with someone’s skin color they need to go talk to God who created us all.
    Just be kind and respectful of ALL people.
    I know with latest info this I will not feel comfortable going to any Vidant hospital for care.

  7. I can’t believe that you can put GOD and JESUS in this conversation, and expect me, a white person, to KOW TOW to your teachings. Jesus loves everyone, and I HAVE NO WHITE PRIVILEDGE. I was born as dirt poor as can be, lived next door to racist blacks, and was injured by one on a school bus in the 60’s when I was only 8 years old. But I struggled and WORKED MY TAIL OFF to make my way in life, and y’all can kiss it. STOP being victims, and take responsibility for your own life. Politicians on BOTH sides love to stir up racist victimization during every election. Watch how quickly they will forget all of this after November. ALL LIVES MATTER!!!

  8. This is disgusting and disturbing and makes me so thankful that I dont live in NC nor work for this company. Unlike my poor cousin who is bullied and treated like a dog everyday because she is white. Who has been a nurse for over 25 years… supposed to be looked at as a hero…Thank GOD Ohio isnt like this…and this absolutely should NOT have GOD or JESUS mentioned in any of it. No human that truly lives for and follows HIM would even think up such garbage let alone enforce it and have a huge Health co represent it. White people were slaves too…far longer than poc…right here in the US. And specifically white christian people and children. And slavery is still very alive and well today and that is where you all should be concentrating your energy and time and money on…trying to stop and save the millions of women and CHILDREN …human beings being sold and trafficked internationally..mostly for sex but far worse than just to work n pick some damn cotton! You were never a slave, just as I wasnt…you ARE NOT a victim! The only ones being racists these days are you poc spewing your white supremacy bullshit hate everywhere. Your feelings towards us do NOT represent our feelings towards you! You need GOD in your life and you need to go to church because you have been led astray……may GOD have mercy on your soul! So damn vain to think anyone gives a damn about your opinion or even thinks about you n how you feel anyways….there are real problems going on and most of us are busy trying to fight for whats right while you blm people are causing far more problems and destruction and killing innocent people n children just for being white. All lives matter….and noone life matters more than anyone elses… GOD bless America, GOD bless all of humanity, and please help us defeat and destroy the devils and demons trying to destroy all you have built. The LIGHT always wins!!

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