Trump = Hitler ??? (Welcome to public school.)

Teacher unions and far-left activists are frequently telling us that we need to mind our own business, fork over more money, and leave the business of “teaching” to the “professionals.”

I’m sorry.  If you follow that advice, you get crap like what’s happening in this Oregon school district:

Granted, this is taking place on the other side of the country.  But these insidious people all sing and play from the same sheet music. Teacher unions, far-left activists, and assorted faculty from various university schools of “education” have a stranglehold on your kids for 40 hours a week.  They’re filling your kids’ heads with nonsense like this.

(Don’t get me wrong.  There are some great people in the classroom right now trying to teach kids something despite the bombardment of nonsense from the central office and state-level bureaucrats. But people like this are vastly outnumbered.)

It’s not unreasonable to demand that your kids forego political indoctrination like this and focus on actual skills that will make them competitive in the real-world job market.  Nonsense about white males “oppressing” everyone else — and reparations needing to be made — will not strengthen our nation a bit nor will it help our kids compete with their peers in China and other parts of the world. 

The public education cabal has failed taxpayers and the kids miserably.  It needs to be turned on its head.

If you get to see Democrat DPI nominee Moe Green on the campaign trail, ask HIM if he thinks exercises comparing Trump to Hitler are a quality use of classroom time.

I’m willing to bet his GOP opponent, Michele Morrow, thinks there are a lot better uses of classroom time.